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Brochure images and engine details of the new Mercedes CLS leak onto the internet
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18 August 2010

The first images of the new Mercedes CLS taken from its official brochure in Germany have leaked onto the internet.

The new CLS’s heavily sculptured styling is an evolution of the current car’s design but also draws influence from two recent Mercedes concepts: Beijing’s Shooting Break and Geneva’s F800 Style.

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It squarer front headlight design and strip of LED daytime running lights are inspired by the new E-class range, while its pronounced side sills, sleek roofline and flared wheel arches all contribute to its lower, wider stance.

The leaked interior pictures show a more luxurious four-seat cabin featuring a new steering wheel, leather seats and wood and metal trim.

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Information leaked alongside the pictures on the Mercedes-Benz Passion blog site included the CLS’s engine range. Diesel engines include a 261bhp 3.0-litre V6 common-rail diesel in the CLS350 CDI, while the petrol range contains 3.5-litre V6 and 4.7-litre V8 units. The CLS63 AMG will be powered by the new twin-turbo 5.5-litre V8 from the CL63 AMG and S63 AMG.

It was revealed that sales will start in January 2011 for the new CLS, although pricing has not been leaked.

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18 August 2010

Mercedes styling gets more and more odd. I know looks are a personal thing, but this is not a good looking car to my eyes. The inside looks good though, but its no oil painting from any other angle.

18 August 2010

Leaked out? Looks more like it melted.

18 August 2010

Hmm...unfortunately style is a very subjective thing. Judging by poster's comments on Autocar and elsewhere, it seems the majority don't think this is good-looking. Don't know if that's because the previous one was so stunning or because people indeed see it as ugly...

Me? Well...I'm bucking the trend, but IMO it looks good. I find that I need to 'get used to' the design of new Merc models for a few days before I start liking it...and then I must see one in the metal to like it even more (happened with both the C- and first I thought "Oh dear" but then I started liking them much more). Another problem to be considered is the combination of trim/wheel/colour combinations: Get them wrong and you've had it. Get them right...and you're in for a surprise. Even the previous CLS could look a-bit wrong in just a few combinations IMO...

Is it better-looking than its predecessor? Don't think so, no. As I said, I think this new one looks good, but what made the C219 so good-looking in my view is the simplicity of the design: it had a nice shape and just one line on the sides, which simply stretched from the front wheelarch to the tail lights; the overall effect was a striking, well-balanced, well-designed and harmonious design. The new one doesn't quite hit the same mark.

Tbh, I really must see it in the metal before passing any final really can make all the difference.

18 August 2010

Although i don't think this looks as good as the current model, the new CLS is an attractive looking car ruined by that awful rear wheel arch design, a theme which Merc has inflicted on many of its current generation models since the `05 S-Class. Not sure about the 'soft nose' treatment either.

18 August 2010

[quote Lanehogger]ruined by that awful rear wheel arch design[/quote] Spot on, esp in the e class cabriolet it looks odd. C class looks like a corolla cls is hard to follow the original which still looks good.

18 August 2010

Wow, that is one strikingly beautiful design. I normally don't like fussy lines but I really like this.

I look forward to seeing it in the flesh, as it were.

18 August 2010

I completely agree. When the concept came out all those months ago, and it was paraded as the new look for the CLS, i wondered what on earth Merc was doing.

It looks far too pig-like from the front - a gurning pig to be brutally honest. Not a good look, and one that Merc should have thoroughtly checked out before plumping for it.

18 August 2010

Well as the actual scoop thread was deleted by Autocar I shall post in here.

The rear wheel arch looks okay from the rear 3/4 in a Type R Bentley way but it looks awful from the front 3/4. And as for the styling of the front generally, horrible is the word.

This new version has just strengthend the residuals of the current model by being so damn fugly.

Old CLS - 8 out of 10

New CLS - 4 out of 10

18 August 2010

[quote Cheltenhamshire]..This new version has just strengthend the residuals of the current model by being so damn fugly...[/quote]

That's buggered it for some of us then! Was hoping used prices might drop a fair bit later this year but that's not looking good now.

18 August 2010

Ok I always liked the original CLS because it started the trend of 4 door coupes and it always looked the best because of it. The new one however isnt making the same initial impression. The front looks fine, more angular and square to fall in line with mercedes new design language. But the rear has one massive short coming, it is nearly identical to the VW Passat CC. And frankly its rather ugly because of it.

It seems the trend setter is now following the new boys.


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