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High-riding sibling to Mercedes-Benz EQS saloon gets a tech-laden interior with up to seven seats

Mercedes-Benz will unwrap the new range-topping member of its family of EQ electric cars, the EQS SUV, on 19 April.

Previewed in a final teaser ahead of its debut, the EQS SUV will lean heavily on its Mercedes-Benz EQS saloon sibling for design cues and technical specifications, but will also take some styling influence from last year's Maybach Concept EQS SUV concept, which itself will become a production car in 2023.

The interior of the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV has already been revealed. A 56in curved display, which consists of an instrument cluster, infotainment screen and a third display for the passenger, is the centrepiece of the cabin. Named the MBUX Hyperscreen, it's an optional extra familiar from the EQS saloon and is capable of displaying video streaming or television even while on the move. The firm previously described it as a "big in-car cinema".

Mercedes has insisted the system is safe to use on the move, because it utilises an “intelligent, camera-based blocking logic” that will automatically dim if it detects the driver is looking at the display rather than the road.

Drivers can choose between five and seven seats, plus Mercedes has claimed there's enough space in the boot for up to four golf bags.

Seven interior colour combinations can be chosen from, with leather and genuine wood materials that Mercedes says gives the EQS SUV “an exceptionally progressive, lounge-like ambience”. One specification, which features magnolia wood and stainless steel, features small holes shaped like Mercedes' star logo. 

In addition, the EQS SUV benefits from a premium Dolby Atmos sound system and Mercedes' Energising Air Control Plus system.

It also gains its own scent, called No.6 Mood Mimosa, which is described as “an earthy fragrance tinged with subtly sensual hints".

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wmb 5 April 2022

I can't wait to see see it's gull wing doors! ...wait a minute, that's the wrong car!

Speedraser 16 March 2022

So it has a huge screen that will show videos and TV. The driver can, quite obviously, look at the video/TV. It's "safe" because WHEN the driver looks at it, the screen will then dim. So they acknowledge that the driver will look at it. Then the thing dims. Then the driver will either try harder to look at it, or will look away. Until it brightens again, and the driver looks at it again. This is SHAMEFUL, not merely dangerous. This is from one of the car firms most closely associated with safety - clearly marketing has become vastly more important. No wonder the fatality rate on the roads has shot up. Oh, and it has its own scent. Because that's important...

Peter Cavellini 16 March 2022

Well it's certainly different, I'm sure it'll work well, the tech seems to have the distraction thing covered, could be a conversation killer on long journeys?, not sure, seems nowadays the actual enjoyment of a Car isn't actually driving it, more it is going to drive itself and you are literally a passenger!