McLaren’s F430 rival starts testing; drop-top and hardcore V10 variants to follow
8 May 2008

The countdown to the launch of McLaren’s long-awaited second supercar has begun. Early prototypes of the final design began shakedown tests in mid-April.Codenamed P11, the first of a number of versions of the new McLaren is expected to roll into showrooms in March 2010, although it’s expected to be unveiled in autumn 2009. The P11 will be followed by both open-top and hardcore versions of the base model.Insiders say the mid-engined car will be pitched as a rival for the £130k Ferrari F430. The P11 is also said to be noticeably lighter and more compact than the competition.It will be powered by a 550bhp V8 engine which some sources say will be built by Mahle (which bought out the old Cosworth business) in Northamptonshire. It’s thought that the McLaren engine will be based on an existing Mercedes unit.Insiders in Germany say that production of the Mercedes McLaren SLR will be closed down by the middle of next year. This will clear the way for the P11 production system to be installed at McLaren’s Woking facility.The Spider version of the P11 is expected to appear in March 2011. There’s scant information on this model, which is still in the development phase, but it is expected to have a proper folding fabric roof.The summer of 2011 should see the ultimate expression of the new McLaren supercar going on sale. Project P12, which should cost around £250,000 in today’s money, is said to be a much more hardcore, driver-focused interpretation of the P11. It’s also likely to be the version closest to the spirit of the iconic McLaren F1.According to internal McLaren documents finalised last year, a V10 engine delivering over 600bhp will power the P12. The rest of the car will be stripped down and re-engineered for ultimate weight saving.

Hilton Holloway

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8 May 2008

This car will need to be very very good indeed because since the advent of the devastating Nissan GTR, almost every other car in this class (911, F430, Gallardo, R8, Aston V8 et al) suddenly looks a bit silly and possibly overpriced. There is only so much a car's badge is worth.

But then, given the choice of a 911 Turbo or GTR i'd still head for the Porsche!! Even if i know it isn't as good!!

8 May 2008

Lets judge the GTR, good as it appears to be, when its had a PROPER UK assesment of a UK model not a few laps in an import

9 May 2008

Not so long ago Ferrari sat down with the guidline for the Mclaren F1 and came up with the 360, now Merc and Sherrif have finally turned the greatest car company on the plannet into a "run of the mill" overpriced copy cat. I dont think the car will excell in any area, push open any new boundry simply due to the fact that all the tallented desisgenrs left when the milk started to taste sour (large car companies don't mix well with small tallented ones, with every level of mangement trying to put a stamp on the design).

Or course Im just some nubbit but u wait, people still talk about the f1 13 years on for a good reason, I doubt this car will be talked about for any other reason then the badge and just why u could happily get a much better car for allot less.

Its going to be very disapointing to see if ur exspecting anything like the quality of the F1 from design to concept.

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