Scoop shots of new supercar testing in northern Scandinavia
15 January 2010

These are the first clear pictures of the all-new 225mph Lamborghini Murcielago, which will go on sale early next year with a price tag of over £300k, alongside a mission statement to put Lamborghini back at the very top of the supercar tree.

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Beneath its heavily disguised bodywork, the new Lambo features a bespoke carbon composite chassis and a brand new 7.0-litre V12 engine, rumoured to have between 700-720bhp. As ever, Lambo’s new range topper will be four wheel-drive, but because its chassis is made from carbonfibre it will also be unusually light for such a big machine.

Sources indicate that a kerbweight of less than 1500kg is Lamborghini’s target, in which case expect nothing less than outrageous acceleration, given that the power to weight ratio will be in the region of 470bhp per tonne. How outrageous? If the rumours are true then 3.0sec to 62mph and 6.0sec to 100mph are entirely feasible, with a top speed on the far side of 220mph.

Unlike some rivals the new Lambo will not feature a DSG transmission because it would be “too complex and too expensive” to engineer. Instead, the new Murcielago may come with the option of a sequential seven-speed manual, with a more conventional seven-speed paddle shift as standard. A traditional open gate manual will almost certainly not be available this time round.

Inside, the driving position will no longer be offset towards the centre of the car because, at long last, Lamborghini has been able to start with a clean sheet design, meaning there will be no architectural compromises to work around. The cabin itself will represent as big a step forwards design-wise as the carbon chassis and new V12 engine, and will be “totally cutting edge” in the technology it offers.

Aerodynamically the car will also push the boundaries of current technology as far as possible, although it’ll still look unmistakably like a Lamborghini. “We’re not going to throw away our design DNA just to make a statement that we’re 21st century” said a source.

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15 January 2010

Looks interesting - and unmistakably a Lamborghini. The Murcielago will be a tough act to follow though.

15 January 2010

Looks good! Proper Lambo...

15 January 2010

I am sure it will be wonderful, but the old Lambo V12 was the best sounding engine i ever heard, especially when breathing through a brace of Webbers. Its a shame that Audi couldnt develope it, just like they have the Bentley V8.

Also no proper manual would remove it from my shopping list, although thats no problem for Audi, as i wasnt in the market anyway!

15 January 2010

That's £1million cheaper than the aston martin 1-77.


15 January 2010

Hit the nail on the head, beachland2!, seems to me sometimes they have a special hat full of prices and they just pick one!,no,really, by rational they all make cars with the same materials, not many have unusual materials in their parts, and the labour rates can't be that vastly different from one company to another, so i think it's a captive market, if you want it you should cough up or look at something else!

Peter Cavellini.

15 January 2010

Interesting shots taken in the snow, I wonder if for £300k it's fitted with a snow setting on the 4wd similar to that of the Land Rover's! when pressed though instead of crawlng along at 5mph it hardens the suspension and rockets you up the road, at which point it becomes the worlds fastest sledge.

15 January 2010

looks like an audi R8 ......


15 January 2010

Theres only ever going to be 77 'One-77's' this is what has pushed the price up. Lambo's are my favourite Italian cars but in comparison they would probably be quite common so the owners are paying for exclusivity or something to sell straight on for a profit.

15 January 2010

[quote kcrally]oks like an audi R8 ......[/quote]

Really?can't see that myself. this is way longer, lower, leaner. Looks brutish. I think they should do it in matt black.

16 January 2010

I wonder if it is on snow tyres !


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