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Hot Civic gets the hotter Mugen's looks, but not the performance

Honda’s Civic Type R has been given a styling makeover by its Mugen tuning department.

The Honda Civic Type R Mugen’s looks have been inspired by the full Mugen Civic Type R, which is limited to just 20 units costing £38,599 each.

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The new model has been given unique body parts, badging and wheels to differentiate it from the standard Civic Type R. It is powered by the base car’s 198bhp 2.0-litre i-VTEC engine and production will be limited to 200 units.

New features include new front and rear bumpers and side skirts, exclusive 19-inch Lightning alloys, Mugen badges, Championship White paint, gloss black door mirrors and an individually numbered plaque. A limited-slip differential is also fitted as standard.

Honda Civic Type R Mugen first driveCivic Type R Mugen from £38,599

An additional range of tuning parts to alter the chassis will be optional. Prices for the car will be revealed when the car’s order books open next month.

The car will also form the basis of Honda’s 2010 BTCC entry; two examples will be run by Team Dynamics.

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Charlie Williams 17 February 2010

Re: New Honda Civic Type R Mugen

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NobbyUK 15 February 2010

Re: New Honda Civic Type R Mugen

Sorry, Peter - not meaning to label anyone, but drivers can be segmented, and, in my experience, a good chunk of M3 drivers are after an image from their (blinged up, super-bad) wheels. (Having said that, I'd be prepared to bet that more illicit money is spent on Bee Ems than on Hondas, unless you include anti-inflammatory arthritis remedies.)

Old Type Rs are for kids who want great non-turbo thrills - lots of them still live with parents so they can lavish money on their pride & joy - they're fanatics. Mugen 200 will be for those who want to mark the last white Type R with a bit of extra Mugen style. And the Civic Type R Mugen is for 20 people who are prepared to pay for The Best FWD Naturally Aspirated Car on our roads. For everyone else, there'll be other choices, from SEAT Cupras (more affordable) to Focus RSs (power crazed) to BMWs (quality RWD with street-cred).

Like I said, you pays your money (wherever it comes from) and takes your choice.

Jon Hardcastle 15 February 2010

Re: New Honda Civic Type R Mugen

Peter Cavellini wrote:

Steady on old bean!, labeling people as drug dealers that can afford them new is frankly a bit silly, most people who have bought new or second hand appreciate these cars for what they are and drive them sensibly(OK!,we occasionaly let testosterone fly), Civic's would acording to your philosophy be driven by baseball capped youf's and thta's not true either,so if your going too comment, do so without labeling, judgemental.

Sorry Peter, who's this aimed at?