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Hot Civic gets the hotter Mugen's looks, but not the performance
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14 February 2010

Honda’s Civic Type R has been given a styling makeover by its Mugen tuning department.

The Honda Civic Type R Mugen’s looks have been inspired by the full Mugen Civic Type R, which is limited to just 20 units costing £38,599 each.

See the Honda Civic Type R Mugen pics

The new model has been given unique body parts, badging and wheels to differentiate it from the standard Civic Type R. It is powered by the base car’s 198bhp 2.0-litre i-VTEC engine and production will be limited to 200 units.

New features include new front and rear bumpers and side skirts, exclusive 19-inch Lightning alloys, Mugen badges, Championship White paint, gloss black door mirrors and an individually numbered plaque. A limited-slip differential is also fitted as standard.

Honda Civic Type R Mugen first driveCivic Type R Mugen from £38,599

An additional range of tuning parts to alter the chassis will be optional. Prices for the car will be revealed when the car’s order books open next month.

The car will also form the basis of Honda’s 2010 BTCC entry; two examples will be run by Team Dynamics.

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14 February 2010

£40k for a Civic?!

Wake up and smell the coffee.

14 February 2010

[quote Challenger440]Wake up and smell the coffee.[/quote] well said who will buy this at this price die hard Honda fans possibly but the Focus RS is a much more desirable package or even a year or so old M3

14 February 2010

This is a real rip off. You pay 38,000quid for a car with a different body kit. Will this be a collector's item in future. Don't think so even with a limited production run of only 20 units. For 38,000quid I will have a plethora of cars to choose from.

14 February 2010

I think you lot have mis read the article. The Mugen civic is a reality, and the 38K pays for some special engineering (I agree its too much for a civic), but the article refers to a Honda Civic with a Mugen body kit. Looks bloody awful to me, and it wouldnt please me if i hadf just signed up to a 38K civic that anyone buying a normal civic can now have the body kit on their car.

i really dont understand why Honda didnt just bring us the home market Tyre R saloon which has about the same power as the Mugen, better suspension, a stiffer body shell, not to mention better looks.

14 February 2010

Everything that Mugen have aspired to, to create the proper Mugen Type R has just been destroyed by this new car. Mugen and Honda have dealt a cruel blow to their credibility.

The mistake is almost as bad as Ferrari going on about how green they are.

14 February 2010

I'm sorry but to charge this kind of cash for what looks like a Rinspeed add on ios just plain daft,the car had a back breaker ride to start with,and to get the best out of it you had to drive it like a rental to get it, it was never as good a car as the previous model,it's shape and design were different which was something, but even if the engine from MUGEN was worth £16K the car it's in isn't worth £22K!,the prove will be if they sell all of them ,but there are other better cars out there new and second for a lot less, you could have a Megane cup for instance,the new the Golf "R" for eight too ten grand cheaper, but how's this, you could have a two year old V8 M3 for around thirty, mmm, makes you think?, doesn't it?

14 February 2010

What happened to more powerful K20A version of the engine??, selling the same engine for 38K.

15 February 2010

Not sure if people commenting here have actually read or understood this, or whether they've just jumped to their own pre-set conclusions, but this is how I understand it:

Civic Type R Mugen @ £38,599 - maximum of 20 hand-built performance cars, with substantial race-derived mods# (engine, suspension, brakes, wheels, exhaust, gear shift & bodywork, inc Big Rear Wing) plus optional track kit = the ultimate*, rare FWD non-turbo hatch for UK roads & tracks
* most fun and happens to be quickest
# check the Type R Mugen web-site or press reviews for full details of Mugen tweakery; I believe it's extensive

Civic Type R Mugen 200 @ £tbc - the last Championship White Type R, with Mugen front & rear skirts, unique Honda 19" alloys & black mirrors, but no mechanical mods (although I think Mugen performance kit can be bought through one of their dealers)

Mugen are keen to be known by more Type R owners, Honda want to give the current Type R a final boost and give their customers a last chance to buy something different. Body kit is obviously a matter of taste, but it's the bits under the skin that really make the difference, and that's what Mugen have always done best.

You pays your money and you takes your choice - not everyone wants a car that's writing turbo cheques its chassis can't cash, or a used-and-abused drug-dealer M3. If you see one of these, enjoy it and ask if you can have a go (if you manage to keep up with it...)

15 February 2010

Mugen are not usually the bolt on bodywork boys. I am sure they will be making whole sale mechanical mods to even get close to convincing people that £38k represents value for money.

I can't see it myself but then they only have to find 20 people that do!

15 February 2010

Steady on old bean!, labeling people as drug dealers that can afford them new is frankly a bit silly, most people who have bought new or second hand appreciate these cars for what they are and drive them sensibly(OK!,we occasionaly let testosterone fly), Civic's would acording to your philosophy be driven by baseball capped youf's and thta's not true either,so if your going too comment, do so without labeling, judgemental.


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