Ford releases UK-exclusive special edition with unique paint, extra kit and lower coilover suspension
10 April 2019

Ford has announced a Performance Edition of its third-generation Fiesta ST to celebrate a year since the first examples of the model hit UK roads. 

The Fiesta ST Performance Edition is available only in a unique Deep Orange hue and gets extra Ford Performance parts, including 18in alloy wheels that are 7kg lighter than those of the standard car. 

But the big selling point is the chassis changes, with the Performance Edition receiving a bespoke suspension set-up: a coilover pack with stainless steel damper housing and Ford Performance Blue springs. 

This means that the Performance Edition is lower than the standard ST by 15mm at the front and 10mm at the rear. Owners can also fine-tune their ride, since the suspension has 12 bump settings and 16 rebound settings for manual adjustments. Ford says the car has been tested at the Nürburgring, too.

Inside, the Performance Edition is based on ST-3 specification – the highest of the standard ST. This means a Bang & Olufsen sound system, usually a £350 extra, is included, as well as LED headlights, a bespoke Quaife limited-slip differential, launch control and shift indicators.

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In order to keep the model as exclusive as possible, only 600 units will be built, all for the UK. To put that into perspective, more than 5000 examples of the standard ST have been sold here since its launch last summer. 

The model will be at least £3000 more expensive than the ST-3, although Ford won't announce prices until next month. This means we can expect it to nudge £25,500. 

The ST Performance Edition will go on sale this June, and Ford expects to be shipping it to buyers from early September. 

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10 April 2019

Great to see Ford doing what it does well very well indeed.  Love the orange with the black wheels (never thought I'd write that) - it's disgustingly, gloriously chav - just what a great sporty Ford should be!

10 April 2019

I look back with fondness to the many Fast Fords I have owned over the years.

Not a duffer amongst them.


Escort Mexico probably my favourite tail happy fun car.






10 April 2019

This looks great. Can’t wait for the road test

10 April 2019

does affordable fun cars like Ford, I just wish the still made a Mondeo ST.. 

10 April 2019

Makes one fancy being 17 all over again



10 April 2019

jus kidding... absolutly love it, this is really what this car needed something to make it more boyracey.

i've seen one like this with big mud flaps and a straight through exaust and boy does it look and sound good.

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