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Fiat model plans reveals the first official pictures of the new Uno supermini
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26 April 2010

These are the first pictures of the new Fiat Uno, which leaked out in the company's restructuring documents. The all-new supermini will sit between the Panda and the Grande Punto.

The new model will use the famous Uno name and in effect be a replacement for the original Uno and Mk2 Punto, both of which are still in production in various parts of the world. It was confirmed for production in 2012 as part of Fiat's new five-year plan.

See the pictures of the new Fiat Uno

Launched in 1983, the crisply designed and spacious Uno supermini was a huge hit for Fiat.

Sources say the new model is based on a shortened and simplified version of the Grande Punto platform. It should be around 3.8 metres long, which would make it a similar size to the Mazda 2. However, the design will focus on interior space in a bid to deliver more room than any similar-priced rival.

It's thought that the new car will be priced very aggressively, but there's no news yet as to whether it will be launched in the UK.

However, in the face of huge competition from Korean brands and the gaping hole between the Panda and Grande Punto, Fiat could achieve significant success with the Uno in Europe and Russia.

It's clear that Fiat has moved away from the design language of the Punto and original Uno and produced a much more curvaceous, friendly-looking car.

There are also strong shades of the Panda around the upright tailgate and vertical tail-lights. The three offset slots in the nose are a reference to the original Panda.

Previous scoop shots appeared to show that the Uno will be sold in entry-level, upmarket sporting and pseudo-SUV guises.

There's little news on engines, but it's thought that the sophisticated new Multiair units will be too expensive for all but the range-topping models.

The Uno is initially being built at Fiat Brazil's Betim plant starting in 2012. The factory has recently announced plans to hire 1000 new workers and boost output by six per cent to 3200 cars per day.

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26 April 2010

Head-on look is not bad, rear is dull but acceptable. The part that lets it down is the side profile. Wheelarch bulges are overprominent, and the boxy design element featured on the doors look like an afterthought. A simpler side profile would be much cleaner. As for the tiny wheels and empty wheelarches, I can't blame them because this one is meant to be cheap. Overall, I would expect better from Fiat. Their recent efforts were all stylistically laudable, and they could use this opportunity to show that cheap should not be synonymous with bland.

26 April 2010

Looks OK, its for a different market to the UK, so we'll see,

26 April 2010


26 April 2010

It's a modern interpretation of a Renault 4!.

26 April 2010

Looks like the original Panda to me...

26 April 2010

I like Fiat small cars and hope this is a car deserving of success.

But am I the only one who sees a strong resemblance to the Suzuki Ignis? See -

Sorry the link is so long. You can just google suzuki ignis instead...

26 April 2010

I like FIAT,s but this is a right BLOB ! merda !

26 April 2010

[quote Autocar]The new model will use the famous Uno name and in effect be a replacement for the original Uno and Mk2 Punto[/quote] Having created one of the smarter and then prettier super-minis in the Uno and Punto (not the ugly, spoiled Punto Grande) why would you then come up with something as wilfully bad looking as this ? It doesn't even fit in with any of the rest of the FIAT range.........oh, sorry, forgot about the Multipla......doh!

26 April 2010

hints of the C3 Picasso in the rear, although not as stylised. Not bad, depends on hoq cheap it is. Not really aimed at the UK market I wouldn't have thought. We already have the panda, 500 and Punto Evo covering most bases. Mind you, it might make more sense than buying the Doblo vanwithfiveseatsthatthinksitsaminimpv thingy

26 April 2010

looks nothing like a punto. i agree it resembles an ignis. maybe fiat had to raise the bonnet line, to meet pedestrian crash requirements. but it does seem a bit 2 box design. maybe its for the eastern european market. don't eastern euuropeans want stylish cars ?


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