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Clio ‘IV’ to lead Renault back to its stylish, original best, says senior official

The next Renault Clio will bring sensational, daring design back to the French firm’s model ranks.

That's the view of Steve Norman, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing for Renault, who gave Autocar inside information on the forthcoming supermini recently, describing it as “a car with the makings of an icon”.

"Clio IV has the potential to do two things for us: to make us the leading player in Europe’s biggest market sector, and to show a new generation of buyers how fantastic our cars can look," said Norman.

“I can’t describe just how amazing it looks. It’s a real masterstroke of design. You have to see it for yourself to believe it.”

Those outside of Renault will get a sneak peak of the next Clio at the Paris motor show this coming September. The car will be previewed by an advanced Clio concept.

"It’s quite a far-fetched show car, nothing like a conventional supermini," said Norman. "But it’ll gives you a flavour of what to expect.”

Company insiders suggest that the new Clio takes several cues from the Zoe concept – a similarly-sized, all-electric hatchback headed for production as one of La Regie’s ‘Z.E.’ electric vehicles.

It’s also rumoured that, while design work on the Clio IV was already underway in early 2009, new Renault design boss Laurens van den Acker ordered several changes to the car when he arrived in May of last year.

Van den Acker recently told Autocar that the new Clio “has the McDonald’s ‘Big Mac’ factor: it’s a very pretty car - good enough to eat!”



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Giom37 5 May 2010

Re: New Clio 'to become an icon'

Los Angeles wrote:
I welcome design and technology that is progressive, not regressive. That means exercising critical faculties based on experience. And I retain the right to exercise high standards in that regard.

Even though Bangles designs were copied by most manufacturers...? Even this magazine acknowledged Bangles/van Hooydonks' inflouence on the industry. You cannot debate that away, cause it is true.

Look, the only reason why I'm passionate about this subject, is because you accused me of the same thing you're guilty of... I criticized something new, you do the same with designs you don't like. We shouldn't be pointing fingers if we're doing the same things...

Thats really my last point:)

Giom37 5 May 2010

Re: New Clio 'to become an icon'

Los Angeles wrote:
In a nutshell, harmony eluded him.

In that case, your very words,

Los Angeles wrote:
I welcome attempts at new design, outlook, and purpose. Who wants conformity?

is utterly un-tru. You welcome attempts at new design from designers that you rate as worthy designers. That makes your outlook on the design industry very small and limited.

Please don't pass judgment on us petrolheads again!

Anonymous 4 May 2010

Re: New Clio 'to become an icon'

catnip wrote:

RobotBoogie wrote:
No, no, no, no. Buyers decide what is iconic, not manufacturers.

Exactly, you can't 'plan' for this, surely?

I guess most manufacturers would like their key models to become 'icons', who wouldn't plan for their mainstream model(s) to get that kind of recognition. I'd argue that Renault has a pretty good record at small car 'icons' - R4, R5 and Twingo MkI - but that kind of 'icon' came out of combining supreme functionality with an uncomplicated style, not by trying too hard to be startlingly different. Fingers crossed the next Clio offers something stylishly different for the masses.