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Cryptic teaser pictures released of all-new SUV

These are the first pictures of the new BMW X3 – although little is given away about the new SUV, which will appear for the first time at this autumn’s Paris motor show.

The cryptic teaser pictures released in Germany reveal little more than the styling of the rear lights and bonnet, both of which have been inspired by the new BMW 5-series.

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The pictures also show the car’s exterior and interior designers at work on the new X3’s styling.

Previous spy pictures of the new X3 have revealed it to be bigger and bulkier in size than the current model, meaning it will sit between the X1 and X5.

Its wheelbase will be around 2900mm. The increase in dimensions will help answer two of the biggest criticisms of the original X3: its lack of rear legroom and poor access to the back seats.

BMW has always been serious about making its SUVs handle like the rest of the range on asphalt, and the new X3 has undergone extensive testing at the Nurburgring.

Despite the new car's larger dimensions, four-cylinder diesels will continue to be offered in its line-up, alongside six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines.

The new X3 is expected to reach UK showrooms in October, with prices starting at around £35,000.

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mattsm 4 July 2010

Re: New BMW X3: first pics

some people especially the bm fans would still go for it.

The Reaper 3 July 2010

Re: New BMW X3: first pics

fhp11 wrote:
If I was looking for a large-ish off roader, I think, in all honesty I would put my money into the new Jeep Grand Cherokee coming out in a few months. I think it looks amazing and will be cheaper,bigger, better specced, better looking and farrrr more comfortable than the BMW X3. And best off all, it wouldnt have the BMW badge on the bonnet!

Brilliant, the audacity to knock BMW when apart from your friends you have probably driven one and certainly never owned one. You then sum up by suggesting people by a Jeep ! Priceless.

I think the clue to your opinions lies in the use of the word 'cheaper'.

jollopster 26 May 2010

Re: New BMW X3: first pics

Overdrive wrote:
Obviously it didn't come across as intended, but my comment was made with the tongue firmly in cheek. It was actually addressed at posters who generalise (often negatively) about the reasons why people may choose to buy a certain make of car. They constantly obsess more with the type of owners than the cars themselves. Regardless, you gave perfectly valid reasons for your car choice, not that you need to explain your buying decisions to anyone.

Whoops. Apologies - I will apply my sarcasm/TIC filter more thoroughly in future!