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New A2 expected to follow the design of the original; will share engines with the A1
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7 May 2010

The Audi A2 will make its comeback in 2012.

The second-generation model will drop the pricey spaceframe construction of the original A2 for a conventional steel monocoque borrowed from the A1.

See Autocar's rendering of the new Audi A2

This move is expected to result in ultra-keen pricing against front-drive rivals from BMW and Mercedes.

The new A2’s styling remains under wraps, but Audi has hinted that it will follow the template of its predecessor, with a tall one-box design and relatively narrow tracks.

Audi chairman Rupert Stadler has said electric drive is a priority and acknowledges the range extender set-up in the A1 e-tron is a distinct possibility for the A2.

More conventional versions will share a range of four-cylinder petrols and diesels with the A1.

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7 May 2010

So basically this will be a big polo. Shame on Audi. The original A2 has 'out of the box' thinking and thats why its so well thought of. But as Audi are on the up, i am sure this will sell well. Afterall people will buy anything with those 4 rings on the grill

7 May 2010

[quote artill]and thats why its so well thought of.[/quote] Well thought of on the used market, holding value very well. Buying new it was expensive, looked small, rode a bit harsh and was a bit noisy for the price. Shame, I always liked it, but would not have been someone buying it new.

7 May 2010

[quote Autocar]The second-generation model will drop the pricey spaceframe construction of the original A2 for a conventional steel monocoque borrowed from the A1.[/quote]

Bugger! That was the one reason why I'd buy an A2 - ditching that construction is to sacrifice the whole point of the A2.

7 May 2010

The original A2, was Aluminium but also showcased an innovative floorpan which allowed four tall adults to sit in it comfortably as the rear footwells were very deep. It had no bonnet (It was a lift off panel) but had a service flap in the front for filling screenwash, oil and brake fluid. I also liked the single wiper blade. It was these little things which made it feel different to normal cars. For me whilst the service panel was a neat idea the floorpan was the real trick and a big part of the cars versatility. A stretched Polo sounds like it will be a bit of a backward step.

7 May 2010

The original A2 was brilliant. I imagine, with the new line up, this would be the A-Zero. The new A1 being the 3-door 'Metro' Project – with the new A2 actually being the 'sportback' 5-door version of the A1. This is the car I am waiting for – to replace my 1st-gen A3 5-door, which is just the right size for London!

7 May 2010

I understand the economic arguments for platform sharing but it is a shame that the new A2 will probably be little more than Audi's take on a Meriva style car.

7 May 2010

Hope this is true as the old A2 was a great car, just a little ahead of its time. Very sought after on the used market. A new model would be a nice addition to the market.

7 May 2010

I own an A2 diesel and love it. I have also just ordered an A1 diesel for my wife. I too regret that Audi are going to be less adventurous with the new A2, but I can fully understand why.

The old A2, despite all the plaudits now, was a very expensive car to build, and having recently been round the Neckarsulm R8 factory I can understand why. Tricky stuff aluminium. I gather that Audi made little or no money out of the original A2, and that is a mistake they are unlikely to make again. After all, any manufacturer is ultimately there to make a profit, not to leave a legacy of well thought of used cars.

I will of course be keeping my original A2.

7 May 2010

Look at that picture. Is it me, or is that a German 'aloof' face?


7 May 2010

Why do modern audis have to look so pi**ed off? The first a2 was cute and unagressive. This one looks like it wants to punch you. And, like it's bretheren will probably attach itself to every rear bumper it can find - not something you tend to encounter with the original.


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