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Aston Martin will celebrate 70 years of sales in the US with a new model unveiling at Pebble Beach next week

Aston Martin has previewed an open-roof version of its Valkyrie hypercar, which will be revealed in full next week at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in California.

The occasion has been chosen to mark the 70th anniversary of the first Aston Martin sold in the US. 

Since the brand's launch in the country with the DB2 in 1951, some 25% of all Aston Martins built have been sold in North America.

To celebrate the anniversary of its US division, Aston Martin will host Pebble Beach showgoers at a private "luxury club house" nearby, where tribute will be paid to the "past and present" of the British brand with a historic model display and two new-car debuts. 

The Valkyrie roadster will be shown privately at the event on Thursday 12 August before going on display from the 13th.

The preview image gives little away beyond confirming that the doors will be hinged from the front in a scissor arrangement, rather than the hardtop car's gullwing set-up. 

It's not yet confirmed whether the Valkyrie Roadster will be a permanently open-top proposition, like the new Aston Martin V12 Speedster, or whether it will be offered with a removable roof panel. 

Aside from the bodywork revisions, the new open-top can be expected to closely match the hardtop for performance statistics, using the same Cosworth-supplied 6.5-litre V12 and carbonfibre tub.

Appearing alongside the open-roof Valkyrie will be the new production-spec Valhalla supercar, making its US debut following its unveiling in the UK last month.

At the time, Aston Martin boss Tobias Moers said the build number would be unlimited during the car's two-year production run, but the company has now confirmed that it will build a maximum of 999 units. 


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Peter Cavellini 2 August 2021

Doesn't matter,there are people out there, nice, friendly people,who will buy one, what they do with it, is there choice, would you let anyone tell you what to buy?drive?

Symanski 2 August 2021

Is it skittish?


The few runs we've seen of the Valkyrie have shown a very skittish looking car, one which would only be at home on the cleanest and smoothest of race tracks.   I say cleanest because the amount of debris that is blown up and shot out the back of the car makes it unsuitable for use on public roads - every car getting close to it would quickly making arrangements with Autoglass.


Valhalla - I'm waitint to hear from propective owners if they get a chance to sit in it.   It may be one which is difficult to get in and out of.   Looks are improved over the original concept, which is a suprise given that Reichman still works for Aston.

scrap 2 August 2021

A little bit embarrassing that the boss didn't know the build numbers for the Valhalla. Ah well.