Autocar obtains the first image of Gordon Murray's radical new T25 city car
Steve Cropley Autocar
30 April 2010

Gordon Murray’s revolutionary city car, the T25, has begun secret road trials near Murray’s design works in Guildford, Surrey.

The T25, a tiny three-seater, foreshadows a new era of tiny, great-to-drive economy cars as well as a highly original manufacturing process called iStream that slashes the investment, factory space and energy required for manufacturing.

The T25, which weighs less than 650kg, has a much smaller road footprint than today’s smallest production cars, the Smart Fortwo and Toyota iQ.

Murray said the T25 could be ready for production in two years’ time, and there are strong indications that the first iStream factory will be in the UK. Eventually they could appear across the globe, close to the biggest population centres. Murray said the car’s unusual design and progressive values have powerful appeal both to leading automotive and non-automotive brands.

Murray's T25 outpaces Smart

Our exclusive photograph shows the car’s compact dimensions and reveals the revolutionary single door for the first time. It swings upwards and forwards to allow cabin access for all three occupants. The driver sits centrally with a passenger on either side and slightly to the rear.

Despite the T25’s compactness, there is still space for several large suitcases. The rear seats also fold.

Powered by a rear-mounted 1.0-litre, three-cylinder engine and six-speed clutchless transmission, the car has a “fairly close” relationship with the similar-sized, battery-powered T27.

That project was the result of a meeting between Gordon Murray and Business Secretary Peter Mandelson, during which Murray was commissioned to produce “the most efficient EV in the world”.

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26 April 2010

Could be alright if i didnt have to pay for 2 extra seats and 2 extra seatbelts and airbags i dont want.

So this is a hint, offer the entry level as a 1 seater.

The concept is not radical or revolutionary if the asumption of what a car should come with without options is not also radicalised and revolutionised.

26 April 2010

Looks amazing, cant wait to see the finished product. Makes me laugh how people call the Toyota IQ innovative lol this really shows it up. I have been following the news on this car since it was announced & I think this really is the most innovative & original small car since the 1959 Mini, & the fact its British designed, so much the better. If Gordon Murray can get it into showrooms for around £7k then this undoubtedly be the defining car of the decade.

currently a happy owner of a Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin :)

26 April 2010

[quote roverfan1984]this undoubtedly[/quote]

*this will undoubtedly

currently a happy owner of a Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin :)

26 April 2010

There is way too much hype around this car. In another three years time this will become outdated especially at the rate at which mainstream small cars are evolving .

26 April 2010

It's not exactly the F1, is it? I'm sure it's very clever and whatnot, but I'll be sticking to my big old luxobarges. Also, it's not exactly a looker - and, if it's had Mandy Mandelson's dirty mitts on it, it'll probably deliberately speed up before speed cameras, to raise money through speeding fines.

Mind you, it does look a bit like an F1 from the side - albeit shorter and taller, the design cues are there.

26 April 2010

I'd love this to succeed, but have a feeling it's going to be too late to the market.

Godon Murray is a very clever man, but often very clever things are difficult to productionise.

Hope I'm right about it succeeding and wrong about the timing.

26 April 2010

Hints of Nissan's S-Cargo in its styling, perhaps?

26 April 2010

[quote Overdrive]

Hints of Nissan's S-Cargo in its styling, perhaps?

[/quote] Definitely. But I'm sure it will be a much better car.

26 April 2010

I for one think it looks ridiculous. It makes me sick to think that potentially some idiot tree hugger may transport someone I know in one of these little death traps, while causing congestion at drowsiness-inducing speed.

26 April 2010

If it wasn't Gordon Murray heading the project, no one would give it a second look. The styling is definitely in the G-Wiz category. It'd be a novelty, nothing more. I can't see it being any more ground breaking than the 2-seater segway that GM are pushing.

That's not to say that new concepts shouldn't be trialed but it seems to me that it's getting too much attention. Almost as if there isn't a manufacturing partner, only a desperate need to attract one.


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