An image of a harder and faster Porche Cayman have surfaced ahead of the intended release
5 August 2008

This picture of the new, limited edition Cayman S Sport has been leaked onto the internet - after Porsche released a press advertisement for the car early.

Although official details of the Cayman S Sport have yet to be confirmed, we can tell you that this more powerful version of Porsche’s highly-acclaimed coupe will go on sale next month, wearing a pricetag of £49,890.

The Cayman S’s 3.4-litre flat-six engine has been tuned to deliver a slight increase in power in the Sport – which gets 303bhp instead of the standard car’s 295bhp. It also gets a unique two-tone paint job that’s clearly been inspired by that carried by the 911 GT3.

Suspension has also been lowered by 10mm over the Cayman S, and the S Sport should deliver performance even closer to that of the 911 Carrera.

The Cayman S Sport is £5730 more expensive than the already-brilliant Cayman S, which could be seen as brave positioning as Porsche’s UK sales start to slide in the face of Britain’s weakening economy.

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Porsche Cayman 2005-2013

Is the Porsche Cayman a Boxster with a fixed roof, or a mini 911 with the performance and handling to rival much more expensive rivals?

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24 July 2008

It doesn't seem to have been that accidental. A Poresche advert with that picture was published in one of the monthly magazines at the begining of the week.

Looks fantastic but at £50k it's going to have to be.


24 July 2008

If there's a Sport, will there be a Club Sport to follow?



It's all about the twisties........

25 July 2008

Followed by a Cayman RennSport, which will be quicker and lighter than the forthcoming GT3 Cayman, all of which will be trounced by the Cayman GT2 which will be RWD with 2 turbos and no TC or ESP, will cost £80k and will leave prospective 911 buyers standing in Porsche showrooms with a collective "?" hanging above their heads. After three weeks of deliberating, they'll venture to the nearest Jaguar dealer and get an XKR.

25 July 2008

So if I've got this correct, Porsche are going to charge an extra 6000 pounds in the current economic climate for:

8bhp, 10mm lowered suspension and a two tone paintjob.


I wonder why Porsche sales are down some 20% in this country...

Plus isn't there a revised cayman coming out for 2009 anyway?

30 July 2008

This is a bit cynical, rather like the RS 60 "special edition" Boxster - anyone seen one of those on the road? Thought not! As a Boxster S owner I still am surprised about Cayman pricing anyway. Name one other manufacturer who charges MORE for the coupe version of their drop-top.

They're both still fabulous cars though.

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