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SAIC will replace the 15-year-old TF in 2014

MG Motor has started work on an all-new front-engined, rear-drive open-top sports car to replace the TF.

Development is at a very early stage and has lower priority than the company’s plans to introduce both the new MG6 and a new supermini to Longbridge. But the firm believes that a new sports car is essential to the long-term credibility of MG as a sporting brand. Though far from concrete, the plan is to introduce the model during 2014.

MG6 1.8T first drive

MG’s 200-strong, Longbridge-based engineering team has already investigated the feasibility of various driveline layouts for the new model, which would also be built at the UK site. Well placed insiders say that a front-engined, rear-drive layout is favoured, to provide the basis for an affordable sports car that would be a direct rival to the Mazda MX-5.

Driver entertainment is a priority, as is the sporting purity of the concept, which is why a front-engined, rear-drive layout is the most likely option.

A mid-engined drivetrain, as used on today’s TF, has been rejected because of the styling and packaging limitations it forces on the car, while customer perceptions about the limited abilities of front-wheel drive mean it has been discounted.

MG does not expect the 15-year-old TF to live much beyond the end of this year, although production of the model is expected to restart in April, following last autumn’s shutdown. That will leave the company without a sports car for at least three years while this new model is developed.

A major challenge will be finding the funds to pay for an all-new rear-drive platform, although SAIC has not ruled out trying to find a partner with which to share a platform. But ultimately, the birth of this new model will be heavily dependent on the success of MG’s attempts to re-establish itself in the UK and Europe with the MG6 and its smaller supermini sister.

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ajacques 15 February 2010

Re: MG plans TF replacement

My decisions are made on how the car feeds back to me via my eyes, hands, feet and backside

! it is all about the the driving experience, if you are going to have big arches you need something suitable to fill them !

Peter Cavellini 14 February 2010

Re: MG plans TF replacement

Flared arches does it for me everytime, more sporty.

RDMG 13 February 2010

Re: MG plans TF replacement

Peter Cavellini wrote:

Good a car as it was, just take a look at the two pictures you posted, even though theMG is two years newer,it looks five years in terms of design,it never moved on, this if it aint broke fix it mentality,"we'll just change the light a bit, and maybe a different color interior, play safe".No, it's going to be interesting to see what comes out the factory gate in a few years time.

Which was one of the BIG problems MGR, Austin Rover, BL, BMC had. When the ADO16 came out it was pretty much ahead of it,s time. When it was finally laid to rest the Mk3 Cortina made it look ancient!

Having said that I much prefer the looks of the TF to the MX5 especially from the front.

The new MG6 looks very modern.