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The MG 3 supermini's style-led cabin aims for “timeless simplicity” in European form
Jim Holder
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24 June 2013

The interior of the new European-spec MG 3 supermini has been revealed, ahead of the car going on sale this autumn.

Described by head of design Tony Williams-Kenny as being “aspirational and accessible”, the interior look is a step up from that found on Chinese-spec cars. “We took the decision that good design in this segment is about honest design,” said Williams-Kenny. “The goal was to create a timeless simplicity.”

The car will be sold in three trim levels, with materials ranging from patterned cloth seats through to full leather. The entry-level car is priced at under £10,000 and basically equipped, but the two higher grades get air-con, DAB radio and Bluetooth as standard. 

MG has said it will launch the 3 in 10 colours and with 10 styling pack options. Taking inspiration from the Vauxhall Adam, colours have been given names such as Hello Yellow, Stuck on Blue and Red Rose. Styling packs range from roof-top Union Flags and RAF roundels to computer game-inspired smiley faces.

MG’s European Design Centre in Longbridge has played a pivotal role in the creation of the 3, under new head of design Martin Uhlarik. The studio now employs 30 designers, while parent firm SAIC has a further 130 designers based in Shanghai.


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24 June 2013

What a load of twaddle, what is an honest cabin? The only thing honest about this car is that it is honestly awful

24 June 2013

Stop it! Too quick to write it off, you havent even seen or driven one yet!!

24 June 2013

So there will be a decent range of colours and interior trims and personalisation, BUT, where is the RANGE of engines and transmissions? ... From what we understand, the MG 3 will launch with a "wheezy" (Autocar's words) 1.5 mated to a 5-speed manual ... Unless the engine/transmission combination produces at least class-matching performance, economy and CO2 figures, then no amount of 'gloss' is going to save it ... Pity as it looks like a decent car that would work well as a "sporty MG" with little alteration ...

24 June 2013

least its lost the grandad look of the rover 25 and now them grandads have been laid to rest it may get a new younger in buyer in their lates 70s.  Honesty is probably a good word to introduce into the revive MG brand.  Other than that I'm looking forward to my next washing machines and fridges coming from longbridge.

24 June 2013

There were 3 of these at Croft yesterday, all open to the public to have a good look around.

I have to say, in the metal, they are not bad looking. The rounded front is slightly at odds with the striaght line sides, but it's quite distinctive and substantial. It also seems quite a big car for the class, phsyically.

The interior was smart enough but you could feel it was basic. Again though, not bad. There are worse interiors.

However, thats the best i can say about it. Not bad looking and not a bad interior, can't really say much else at the moment.

24 June 2013

Velly solly, humble apologies, it was suffosed to be 'finest'.

24 June 2013

Well, I reckon it looks miles better than the Fiesta's interior which, while striking looking, is a mess and has not aged well. And I'll be amazed if the 3's interior quality is worse than the Ford's, which must be one of the worst in the supermini class, although it is put together very well.

24 June 2013

What the hell is an honest cabin or timeless simplicity?  From the images I have seen of the interior and exterior, it is what it is and there isn't much to get excited about.  It seems to be a case of trying to infuse the MG's history onto a cheapish Chinese car, just like the Metros and Montegos of years gone by.  Thing is , I used to have a soft spot for those Austin Rover cars.  Maybe it will look Ok in the metal and on slightly bigger wheels, although I do admit the rear looks quite good

24 June 2013

Timeless simplicity/ Honest interior..what they mean is..we are not sure how to design or make a clever interior yet, so we just made a reallyyyyyy boring one that no one will take offence too and just hope it stays together! but to be smart and try to pull thw wool over your eyes we will call it timeless simplicty blah blah and hope you buy it!

Hasnt the sga of MG3 launch been going on forever, just launch the damn thing already!

24 June 2013

burn it


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