Currently reading: Mercedes-Benz CLS Final Edition paves way for new model
Final edition CLS and CLS Shooting Brake go on sale; next-generation CLS is due in 2018

The Mercedes-Benz CLS Final Edition has been launched, which is a run-out model ahead of the upcoming third-generation model, due to go on sale in 2018. 

Only available in mainland Europe and available in both Coupé and Shooting Brake formats, the Final Edition model is the last variant before the new Mercedes-Benz CLS, which is set to use the same MRA platform as the S-Class, E-Class and C-Class. It's also likely to get the same engine line-up, tech and luxurious interior as the new E-Class.

Reports suggest that the slow-selling Shooting Brake will be clipped from the Mercedes-Benz lineup when it comes to the third-generation model. In the UK in 2015, the Shooting Brake racked up just 750 sales, compared with the Coupé’s 2300. Despite these figures, an official source at Mercedes-Benz couldn’t confirm whether the Shooting Brake would be axed, saying that the UK and Germany are strong markets for estate cars. 

The Final Edition is actually a new spec level, rather than a standalone model or limited-run CLS. It's available with ‘virtually all’ engines in the CLS lineup. The Final Edition will not be coming to the UK in its current form, because the majority of equipment on offer is already offered on the CLS here. There may be a UK-specific Final Edition between now and the advent of the next CLS, however. 

The Final Edition pack, which costs €8211 (around £6857) in European markets, adds an upgraded infotainment system, black leather seats with a variety of adjustments, and a flat-bottom steering wheel to the interior. The Final Edition is equipped with Mercedes-Benz’s nine-speed automatic gearbox, and has steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

On the outside, LED headlights are fitted, along with a host of AMG exterior styling parts, tinted windows and Mercedes-Benz’s diamond grille. Plenty of other items usually found on the options lists also come as standard on the Final Edition.


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1234flipper 18 July 2016

merc naming

shouldn't this now be badged CLE as it is based on the e-class not s-class under mercs new naming structure?