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Latest spy pictures of the show a near undisguised Mercedes C-class coupe in testing

The new Mercedes C-class coupe has been spied virtually undisguised ahead of its launch at January’s Detroit motor show.

The coupe will be launched alongside facelifted saloon and estate C-class models and will sport those car’s styling changes, including new headlamps, a more contoured bonnet and a reprofiled bumper, changes inspired by the new E-class range.

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The new C-class coupe has been conceived to replace the CLK, discontinued earlier this year after 12 years and two model generations. It also spells the end for the CLC, a small sports hatch that was only recently updated.

Unlike the E-class coupe, however, the C-class version will not be modified and offered in cabriolet guise.

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Engine options are likely to mirror those of the saloon range, including reworked versions of today’s four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, and an optional seven-speed automatic gearbox in place of the current five-speed unit.

The C-class coupe will also spawn a BMW M3-rivalling C63 AMG model, as well as potentially a hardcore Black Series variant.

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Dark Isle 13 December 2010

Re: Merc C-class coupe scooped

Lanehogger wrote:
How long before Audi unveils an A9??!! Although having a coupe version of the A8 may see a cheaper in-house rival to the Contintental GT, VW Group's current luxury-class coupe.

I suppose it would be a natural rival for the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class (to be called S-Class Coupé from the next generation, I believe). The CL isn't quite in the same league as the Bentley Continental GT so there's room for an A9, in my opinion.

However, whereas the S-Class sells in droves (and the CL-Class seems to do pretty well for itself in some markets), I don't know if the sales of the A8 are big enough to justify an A9, especially when for a few thousand more you can have a Bentley.


Thinking again... maybe Bentley could come down a class saving Audi the trouble of trying to move up. They'll be able to charge a lot more that way!

supermanuel 13 December 2010

Re: Merc C-class coupe scooped

Lanehogger wrote:
The CLC is a facelifted C-Class Sports Coupe and effectively a generation behind, although in its original guise it was marketed as 3-dr hatch/coupe to rival cars in the class below, inc the 3-Series Compact. I suppose its natural rival now are the Scirocco and 1-Series Coupe.

Oh, and the CLC will be discontinued now and that end of the market picked back up when the new B Class range is launched. Shame, I never had a problem with the CLC, even with it's older underpinnings.

supermanuel 13 December 2010

Re: Merc C-class coupe scooped

Lanehogger wrote:
Some will say the E-Class is based on the E-Class platform, but a simple look at the dashboard will tell you otherwise. It looks similar to the E-Class saloons' but that's about it as there are some detailed differences while the dash looks (and is) narrower to fit within the architecture of the smaller C-Class.

Yes, the track width and wheelbase give the game away. I think it was mentioned on here many months ago that the E Class platform was considered by MB to be too large to give the coupe the necessary proportions so the C Class was used instead.