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This is the ZAP Alias; a high performance electric vehicle capable of carrying two people and reaching 156mph.It's being developed by the Joint Venture group – a company set up for the Alias project by American electric car maker, ZAP, and China Youngman Automotive Group. The idea is to produce a vehicle powered entirely by electricity, which has a range of over 150 miles, can hit 60mph in 5.7sec and is a suitable everyday vehicle for motorway and town use. Performance comes from two electric motors – one powering each front wheel – which produce a claimed overall output of 322bhp, and the handling comes courtesy of Lotus. Zap has been developing electric cars with Lotus Engineering for a number of years, and the Alias will undoubtedly benefit from the expertise of Norfolk's finest. As if that weren't challenge enough, the Alias is also intended for production as soon as 2009. Chairman of the Joint Venture Group, Albert Lam, claims that the "performance goals are achievable because the pace of new technology is accelerating."Safety is aided by an integrated roll bar, and predicted prices are only $30,000 (£15,000). However, if you fancy an Alias, you'll have to import it yourself – they won't be coming to the UK.

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IvanMichaelovitch 7 February 2008

Re: Meet the 156mph electric car

I really like driving electrics, a good one is just the best driving experience that you can have. Only driven a couple but superb responsiveness, excellent acceleration, no changing gears just straight power that takes you right up to the speed you want to be. Usually very quickly.

But...... why does every company launching an electric car apparently get is styled by IT professionals? Nearly all electrics either get styled by someone who's definitely read one Marvel comic too many or by an ubergeek who thinks the Aptera is cool. Not even Aptera like the Aptera, they hide it in close-up on their home page so you don't get to see the full horror all at once; ease you in gently, sort of thing. And, lets face it, if you drove a GEM you'd probably welcome the end of the world as a reasonable alternative.

I'll except the Tesla.... which I can't afford but it really is a very good looking vehicle. Anyone else know of any other electric car that actually looks as well as performs?