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McLaren MP4-12C Spider delivers very similar performance to that of fixed-head model; priced at £195,000
Mark Tisshaw
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12 October 2012

The all-new McLaren MP4-12C Spider will be capable of 196mph with its innovative retractable hard-top roof down. The new open-top McLaren can match its coupé sibling from zero to 62mph - taking 3.1sec - despite having a 40kg weight penalty.

The MP4-12C Spider features a two-piece retractable hard-top that is stowed behind the seats when not in use. The compact design of the system lets the Spider keep the glass engine cover of the coupé.

The roof can be positioned up or down in 17 seconds and at road speeds of up to 19mph using a button on the centre console. A glass screen between the two buttresses can be operated independently of the roof. This can act as a windbreak with the roof down, or for ventilation with the roof up.

McLaren supplies two soft bags with the MP4-12C Spider that are designed to fit in the 52-litre storage space behind the seats when the roof is up. McLaren managing director Antony Sheriff briefed the Woking outfit to ensure that the MP4-12C lost none of its usability in becoming a Spider. 

Power for the Spider comes from the same 616bhp 3.8-litre V8 as the coupé, the only power output you can get for the MP4-12C after last month’s revisions to the coupé. 

The Spider matches the coupé’s 0-62mph time but takes 0.2sec longer to get from zero to 124mph (9.0sec). The top speed of 196mph with the roof down increases to 204mph with the roof up.

The Spider also shares its lightweight carbonfibre Monocell chassis with the coupé. McLaren says that no extra strengthening has been needed for the Spider. Rollover protection is incorporated into the buttresses.

Other tweaks for the Spider include an audio system that adjusts its volume and tone according to whether the roof is up or down, and a revised climate control system that also adjusts to compensate for the outside elements.

The MP4-12C Spider is available to order now, priced from £195,500. That’s an increase of £19,500 over the coupé. First deliveries are expected in November.


McLaren 12C Spider technical specification

Drivetrain layout Longitudinal, mid-engine, RWD

Engine V8 twin turbo, 3799cc

Engine material Aluminium block & cylinder heads

Power 616bhp at 7500rpm

Torque 442lb ft at 3000-7000rpm

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Transmission 7 Speed SSG

Body structure Carbon Fibre MonoCell with Aluminium Front and Rear Frames

Tyres Pirelli P Zero 235/35 R19 (front), 305/30 R20 (rear)

Wheels 19x8.5in (front) 20x11in (rear)

Brakes Cast iron discs with forged aluminium hubs (F 370mm/R 350mm)

Active aerodynamics McLaren Airbrake

Suspension ProActive chassis control

ProActive chassis control modes Winter / Normal / Sport / Track

Powertrain modes Winter / Normal / Sport / Track

Track 1656mm (front), 1583mm (rear)

Length 4509mm

Width 2093mm

Height 1203mm

Wheelbase 2670mm

Dry weight 1376kg


McLaren 12C Spider performance

Top speed 204 mph

0-62mph 3.1sec

0-124mph 9.0sec

0-400m (¼ mile) 10.8sec at 134 mph

62-0mph 30.7m

124-0mph 124m

CO2 279 g/km

Fuel consumption (combined) 24.2mpg

Power to weight (with lightweight options) 459 bhp/tonne 

CO2/power 0.45g/km per bhp

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Kashif18 17 October 2012

Japanese Hifi or Apple Airspeaker whatever you call it.

I dont know about you guys. Id much prefer a old sony jvc panasonic hifi to the crap we control with our screens. Mclaren is a good car its just  not a nice car compared to the ferrari. Ferrari made a better car. Its sill good tho compared to the gallardo and the R8 which cannot be real supercars.


whilst its good to see mclaren back producing cars, the mp12c is a real let down, after they made the f1z 


hopefully the new f1 replacement is upcoming, its looks really good. Wayyyy better than the 12. But theres also a new ferrari enzo around the corner. my fave ferrari of the 2000's. 


good luck mclaren, better have an ace up you sleeve as the fxx ferrari program wasnt just a billionaire boys toys, its like facebook, collect all data. Make better facebook!!!

Bert Nodules 16 October 2012

The difference between the 12C and the 458.

One has a cabin and dash that looks like a top end Btritsh hi-fi, few buttons, the other looks like a cheap far eastern low-fi, a big button count. I know which I prefer both on my hi-fi and my cars.

C2_Matt 12 October 2012


I'm sure this will sell well in Britain with our 1 day of Summer a year.

 Personally I'd prefer a Gallardo (with a few options to make up the price) over this or the Ferrari. Just does more for me.