Currently reading: New McLaren GTS brings uprated V8 and sheds weight
Facelifted GT packs 626bhp and cuts mass to 1520kg, while improving its ease of use

The McLaren GT has been renamed the GTS amid a facelift that brings greater performance and several quality-of-life changes.

Chief among the tweaks is the refinement of the optional nose lift system, which raises the front end of the car by 20mm to provide a saloon-like ground clearance of 130mm. The GTS takes 4.0sec to fully lift or drop the nose – more than twice as quickly as the GT.

The hydraulic power steering – a notable strong suit of the GT – has been given a GTS-specific set-up, claimed to provide class-leading feel. As before, it ramps up assistance at low speeds, to ease tricky manoeuvres. 

McLaren has also liberated an extra 14bhp from the GT’s twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8, meaning it now outputs 626bhp in total. Power delivery is unchanged, peaking at 7500rpm, while maximum torque remains 465lb ft from 5500-6500rpm.

The GTS is 10kg less than the GT, with a kerb weight of 1520kg.

McLaren GTS rear driving

The result is what McLaren claims to be a best-in-class power-to-weight ratio of 412bhp per tonne. For reference, a Bentley Continental GT V8 packs 254bhp per tonne, while the Porsche 911 Turbo S delivers 396bhp per tonne.

In turn, the GTS has slightly greater accelerative urge than the GT: its 0-62mph sprint time is cut by 0.1sec to 3.2sec.

The interior has been kept largely as before. There are new trim and material combinations, but infotainment is provided by the same 7.0in infotainment touchscreen as the GT.

McLaren has yet to reveal the pricing of the GTS, but it is expected to be slightly more than the £167,560 asked for the outgoing GT.

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Pierre 19 December 2023

I'm so glad they've cut 0.1 sec off the 0-60 time as last time I used one to get to the Honorable Braggart's Club AGM, I was around 1/10th of a second late.I know, I know. I could have left home 0.1 sec earlier, but time is money, and I have next term's school trousers to save up for. Trousers don't buy themselves you know.So this car's a game-changer for me.

405line 19 December 2023

They implemented hydraulically assisted steering...and eschewed electric I presume, which is nice of them. 

Saucerer 19 December 2023

I forgot this car existed. As superb as McLaren's cars are, the GT wasn't their finest example. Trying to rewrite the concept of what a Grand Tourer should be.