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16 November 2007

Autocar Towers was an office in uproar earlier today after this picture (above) entered circulation. It clearly shows an aluminium cup-holder in what would appear to be the cabin of a brand new Lotus, and not just any Lotus, but the recently announced Exige S Performance Pack.Several road testers insisted it must be a fake, but the image’s veracity was later confirmed. It was taken, according to one photographer, during our first drive in the new Lotus this week, and clearly shows that it’s now possible to order your Exige, once considered the most focussed, hardcore track sensation on British shores, with the dreaded beverage receptacle.So what are the implications of this cruel truth? Has Lotus abandoned its uncompromising, purist-centric approach to sports car making? Is the new Exige S a traitor to the principals that made its maker’s reputation? And will the wretched implement in question hold your extra large caramel macchiato upright while cornering at 1.5g?Click here to read the answers to all these questions, and more, in our exclusive first drive on the Lotus Exige S Performance Pack.

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19 November 2007

Come on guys, that's no cup holder!? It's an 'liquid capacity extender'. OK, that may be a bit tech-speak, but it's meant to offer a neat solution for the following:

*storing a little emergency fuel for those naughty b-road detours

*sneaking in extra brake fluid disguised in a Coke Light can on track days

*holding a empty, easy-to-fill container for the days that your girlfriend absolutely demands to join you on any of the above-mentioned exploits...

I think it's pure genius. Come on, on cold days it could even double as an easy to reach mittens and 'beany' holder, and in summer you could hang your sunglasses on it. Better still, it's just about the right size to fit in a rolled up copy of the financial times! Come to think of it, that may be the real reason d'etre; after all the show-off-but-can't-manage-the-clutch-properly city boys probably make up Lotus largest pool of clients? Since they right them off every Friday after the office drinks session that's not to hard to believe is it?

19 November 2007

Or you may just want to put your McDonalds coffee in it!

30 November 2007

Guys, I know that the aluminium and leather product of Lotus engineering is impressive and looks like it belongs in the tool box of a bondage room, but it's actually the 'second' cup-holder to feature. The Elise/Exige/Europa's primary version is the moulded plastic cup-holder sitting between the seats; and has been for years. Granted it's not practical, convenient nor prominent, but it's there.

30 November 2007

The glove box door in mine opens down so its like a shelf when its open. Its got two indentations in it in the shape of cups, but they are only about 1cm deep. Is there any point in them?

At least its not like the simpsons where homer designs the car and has a cup holder large enough to fit a jumbo cinema drink in it.

30 November 2007

the holes in the glove box always amuse me. immensely useless as you can't even stand a can in them as theres not enough clearance to the dash.

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