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After a continuation run of 10 Lister Jaguar Knobbly Stirling Moss Editions, Lister has revealed its next project

The Lister Costin is to be revived as a continuation model, the second the company has announced this year. 

Lister didn’t say how many of the model will be made, but the £354,000 price suggests it won’t be many. The car uses a straight-six Crosthwaite and Gardiner engine which produces 337bhp and 295lb ft, with Lister claiming a four-second 0-60mph sprint time and a top speed of 170mph. The original version used a Jaguar unit. 

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The cars will be built under the guidance and supervision of the original engineers who built the cars. Original Lister chassis jigs will also be used, along with techniques used to build the original cars. 

The Costin was originally a modified Knobbly; aerodynamicist Frank Costin tweaked the Knobbly’s body and made it from aluminium to reduce weight for the 1959 racing season, creating the Costin model. 

Lawrence Whittaker, Lister’s CEO, said: “I’m absolutely delighted to reveal that we will be producing a run of continuation Costins. Brian Lister was ahead of his time by realising just how important aerodynamics were to performance – and who better to employ to design that super-sleek body than Frank Costin? 

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“As the last racing car to come from the factory in the 1950s, it’s a hugely important car to Lister, and the fact that it has become so successful in historic racing today shows how they got things right back in period.”

The Knobbly, Lister’s last continuation project, was limited to 10 examples at a cost of £1 million each. Lister will charge an extra £12,500 for the model to be in road-legal form.

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WallMeerkat 18 November 2016

How much is it Costin? £1m?

How much is it Costin?


Mikeado91 18 November 2016

Reading is Fun!

It literally says in the first paragraph how much it's Costin.