A UX entry-level SUV will come, as well as a seven-seat version of the RX, as patents are filed by parent company Toyota

The Lexus UX is on its way as a production car, patent files have shown.

A new entry-level SUV based on the Paris motor show’s UX concept, which will share the same name, will replace the CT hatchback in the Lexus range, with a small SUV which will sit underneath the RX and NX SUVs.

Patents have been filed for a range of variants under the UX name, including the UX200, UX250 and UX250h. The small numbers signify the nature of the engine, and are of a similar range to the CT200h.

The styling of the production UX is expected to be less extreme than the concept, but will still maintain the spindle grille and angular styling which Lexus has adopted with its current generation of cars. Like the concept, the engine range suggests both traditional internal combustion engines as well as a range-topping hybrid.

Speaking at the Paris motor show, Johan Van Zyl, President and CEO of Toyota and Lexus in Europe, said: “This UX concept is all about anticipation and Lexus’ unparalleled knowledge in the SUV market. We are ready for the next chapter of a bolder [looking] Lexus SUV – the UX concept.”

Lexus is also looking to broaden its large SUV range with the seven-seat RX350L and RX450hL models. The niche is currently unexplored by Lexus, so these variants on the RX large SUV will provide a rival to the Volvo XC90, Mercedes-Benz GLS and upcoming BMW X7.

Toyota boss Karl Schlicht said: “We would see other SUV developments before we’d see another coupe – that’s my guess. Once the coupes have done their job, we need to further refine the SUV range.”

The RX L range is expected to be shown later this year, before going on sale in 2018. The UX is also expected within this timeframe, as Mercedes-Benz launches the facelifted GLA, which will be one of the UX’s key rivals.

A Toyota spokesman could not comment on the patents, as per procedure at Toyota regarding all future products. 

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11 January 2017
Maybe it sounds better in Japanese.

11 January 2017
As with other Lexuses it will be mechanically reliable but unfortunately ugly and awkward looking as well as being overpriced to be a credible challenger in the SUV market. If you are in for an alternative luxury SUV you might be well advised to wait a couple of years for the new Genesis models.

11 January 2017
Another company who have aspirations at challenging the Range Rover. Lexus must be confident their car can rival the RR because Merc's GLS falls laughably short, as will no doubt the BMW X9 if their X offerings are anything to go by against their Land Rover counterparts. Audi doesn't seem to be committing to a Q9, probably a realisation that such a car wouldn't stand a chance. Only the Betayga can hold a candle to the RR. At least the Lexus will have obsessive levels of build quality which even the RR will struggle to match.

11 January 2017
I hope it comes through almost exactly as is. Frikkin awesome car!

11 January 2017
Looks like it's been in an accident...

Why does it have to look like this? Ugly, ugly thing. Yuck...

11 January 2017
Its obvious that current Lexus styling is devisive, but i like it. The NX looks great on the road, the RC seems to be popular too. This UX looks better still. I hope they combine it with some desirable mechanicals, sadly not something they have done with many cars to date

11 January 2017
I'm assuming this is effectively a rebodied CHR? The NX is effectively a RAV4 with extra leather isn't it? The CT is effectively a rebodied Prius/Auris Hybrid?

11 January 2017
As I expect Toyota Lexus to retain their petrol only stance there is absolutely no chance of Lexus challenging Range Rover in Europe. What percentage does Range Rover manage to sell with petrol engines in Europe, 5% or so?

11 January 2017
It's the media not Lexus. Mention any upmarket 4x4 and the lazy hacks can only see 'Range Rover rival'. There is no visible evidence that anything approaching a formal comparison, ever takes place. No thought to mentioning the low-ratio box, the variable height suspension, ground clearance, approach/departure angles, that the Lexus has / does not have. How would we know? Not from this article for sure.

12 January 2017
I would buy a Toyota or any other far east made suv over a landrover or range-rover
Ask any australian. People die in the outback in Oz, they drive Landcruisers for a reason: they dont break down like the overpriced over-rated rangerover: overcomplicated swimming in its own myth perpetuated by English morons who have no idea what real SUVs are supposed to do

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