First images of the Lamborghini Estoque have leaked onto the Internet
1 October 2008

The first images of the all-new Lamborghini Estoque – the Italian marque’s sensational new four-seater – have leaked onto the web ahead of the supercar’s debut at the Paris motor show tomorrow.

After a series of drip-feed teaser images and sketches, the sleek and sharp looks of Lamborghini’s new 2+2 do not disappoint.

The Estoque will be billed as a concept in Paris tomorrow, but sources close to the project have revealed that Lamborghini plans to launch the model as a fully fledged production car. With it, Lambo plans to take the fight to Porsche’s forthcoming Panamera and the Aston Martin Rapide.

The front-engined, four-wheel-drive Estoque is expected to use the V10 engine from the Gallardo (and also the Audi RS6) rather than the Murcielago’s V12.

Volkswagen Group sources have suggested that it’s based on a version of the aluminium spaceframe that underpins the Audi A8.

We’ll know more - and have fresh pictures live from the Paris motor show floor - when the Estoque’s covers come off tomorrow afternoon (2 October).

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1 October 2008

What a missed opportunity to out-do the 4 door Porsche and Aston. When I look back at the old Espada (not 4 door, I know, certaily a four seater) and its even more amazing concept precursor the Marazal, this new one just looks so ordinary. Not even innovative detailing to save it. And the rest of the Lambo range is so enticing. What went wrong?

1 October 2008

I think it looks (rude word) awesome! Doesn't necessarily look much like a Lambo, but for me it is stunningly beautiful and evil in equal measures. And that is a good thing. I get the impression this could be a real Marmite car....

1 October 2008


I don't understand the marketplace for these type of cars.

A Porsche Panamera makes sense as it is priced resonably but the Aston and Lambo 4 seater?

Does it not just dilute the brand?

I can only see very rich people who already own multiple example of these cars already wanting one, can't see it bringing in new buyers especially the Lambo- can't see it appealing to the vast majority of current bentlay or RR owners.

1 October 2008

It definitely has something about it.

The profile is good and the front pretty imposing.

The intakes under the bumper are perhaps a tad large but overall I like it.

Where has all Japanese design went to?

1 October 2008

why should people with young kids miss out on the fun? i think it looks great. if i was much richer i'd happily take my kids to school in one.

1 October 2008

[quote Welsh Wizard] this new one just looks so ordinary[/quote] You're wrong. And Welsh.

1 October 2008

Wow, what a stunner - the new poster pin-up for the family guy.

1 October 2008

It's nice enough. Just not your typical Lamborghini WOW! Maybe this is to Lambo what the Cayenne is to Porsche. Relatively high volume, big profits.

One thing I can imagine - in 10 years the depreciation may well allow me to own my first Lamborghini. I most certainly would!

2 October 2008

I think this is one of those cars that looks better in the metal (aluminium) than it does in photos. Looks to me like the rear half of the car didn't come together quite as well as the front half. The rear end itself looks good, in my opinion.

No doubts that working from an Audi A8 base makes for a winner.

I guess this leaves only one unanswered question: Where is Ferrari's 4-door super sedan?

2 October 2008

As much as I want to like this car, I guess I am in the minority in finding it somewhat disappointing. For some reason, I find the front reminds me of an RX-8. Perhaps as someone had earlier mentioned, it will look better in the metal.


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