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Lamborghini bosses say they won't make a RWD version of the 690bhp Aventador because it has too much power and torque

The Lamborghini Aventador won’t be produced as a rear-wheel-drive model, despite the Italian company producing such a version of its less-powerful sibling, the Huracan.

Whereas the new entry-level version of the Huracan has 572bhp and 397lb ft, the least powerful version of the Aventador possesses 690bhp and 507lb ft. Lamborghini chiefs are adamant that four-wheel drive is a necessity to effectively harness the Aventador’s power.

Research and development director Maurizio Reggiani said: “The Aventador can only be four-wheel drive because we have so much power and torque to manage; only with four driven wheels are you able to manage this.

“This is mainly due to the state of the art of the control systems that we have on the car today. So when we plan Aventador derivatives, we maintain four-wheel drive.

“With the Huracan from the beginning, when we were looking at computer simulations and so on, we decided that two-wheel drive was possible without any kind of problem.”

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Some independent tuning companies have in the past offered their own rear-drive conversions of the Aventador in small numbers.

Lamborghini is also lukewarm about the idea of a rear-wheel-drive variant of its forthcoming Urus SUV. Company boss Stephan Winkelmann felt that such a car would be a “lookalike” 4x4, lacking the authentic off-road capability desired by typical Lamborghini owners.

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Badgerman 11 December 2015

How patronising

In other words 'because our Customers don't know how to drive fast cars!'. Can't ever imagine Ferrari making such a suggestion. And what of good old TVR? If the Cerbera Speed 12 had made it to market it would have had upwards of 800bhp without traction control or ABS! Now that would have been something!
Saucerer 11 December 2015

So a Huayra, P1 and LaFerrari

So a Huayra, P1 and LaFerrari for example all have more power and torque but can channel their power successfully through just the rear wheels. I think it's more a VW Group policy that all their hypercars must be 4WD, just look at the Veyron and 918 too.
Norma Smellons 11 December 2015


Lambo person wrote:

because it has too much power and torque

This is why VW shouldn't own Lamborghini. Too much power and torque is the whole point.