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Firm will keeps its future models as lightweight as possible, without chasing ever-higher top speeds

Lamborghini will focus on weight reduction and torque enhancement, rather than increasing outright power, in the development of its future models.

The Italian supercar maker’s head of R&D, Maurizio Reggiani, told Autocar that with so few owners actually using their cars to achieve the maximum speeds they are capable of, his priority is making improvements that everyone can benefit from, specifically in terms of acceleration and agility.

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“Even the most experienced test driver can struggle to feel the benefit of an additional 10bhp in a car that already has over 500bhp,” Reggiani said. “But everyone can feel the benefit of a 100kg reduction in weight.”

Reggiani also revealed that Lamborghini is investigating technologies to reduce the environmental impact of future models. These include stop-start, low-friction materials and lean-throttle cylinder deactivation.

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Thanos999 5 August 2019


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Uncle Mellow 19 April 2010

Re: Lambo to focus on weight

I suppose eliminating the front diff and driveshafts will save a good bit of weight.

VirginPower 19 April 2010

Re: Lambo to focus on weight

This is excellent vision in one sense. For too many years now, weight has increasingly become a problem.

The downside to this announcement is that it is Lamborghini's attempt to readjust the expectations of buyers in order to pave the way for the introduction of turbo engines and electric drive.

Both of those components naturally create an excess of torque. It's sad that the normally aspirated engine will soon become a quaint artefact, and development of its potential will effectively cease as manufacturers have to turn towards the most efficient engineering.