Dealer offers 50 fully rebuilt, 414bhp Interceptors at £75k each
31 October 2007

Lovers of one particular classic British sports car marque will today be mulling over the prospect of a sports car that’s at once brand new and 41 years old; that’s because Jensen is about to launch the Interceptor S, a fully restored and updated version of the famous Interceptor that could be capable of humbling some much younger machinery.Jensen specialist dealer Cropredy Bridge, now relaunched as V Eight Ltd, has bought 50 Interceptor coupes back from their owners, stripped them down to the bare metal shell, proofed them against corrosion, and then rebuilt them with modern, lightweight materials. The car’s cabin has been modernised, its chassis, running gear and brakes likewise, and its engine and gearbox totally replaced.V Eight’s new Interceptor S runs independent rear suspension, six-pot AP disc brakes, 17in wheels with low-profile tyres and GM’s 414bhp 6.0-litre V8 engine mated to a five-speed automatic gearbox.“The Interceptor S has taken us nearly three years to develop,” said V Eight Managing Director Steve Bannister. “Our aim was to build a powerful car that could take its place amongst the very best of British design and engineering; we believe that the Interceptor S can hold its own with any of the major competitors in the market.”The car will be launched at the Classic Car Show running next week at Birmingham’s NEC. V Eight is asking £74,960 for each of them, which isn’t small beans even for a brand-new sports car. However, buy one of the pre-1972 models, on its original VIN, and at least it’ll be exempt from road tax. For more information on the car, click here.

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10 November 2007

I think this is a fantastic idea. i have always loved the interceptor, although i am not old enough to remember it the first time around, (unfortunately).

I am pleased that they have not changed the exterior design style which is still more beautiful than most modern day cars. i think its also a good idea to combine the best of both old and new with this interceptor s.

I look forward to seeing them in the flesh, as it were, and hope they are a success for the frim as im sure they will be. i just wish i had the funds to purchase one myself!!!!!

11 November 2007

WOW, I always thought the name offered more than the car itself, despite this I love it.

This sounds like a similar story to that told about the R34 skylines being bought and reengineered. Great news, I hope they all go to good homes.

2 July 2010

The Interceptor S is still wonderful. It looks fantastic, as always and sounds superb. I am just wondering....when is the Predator/Interceptor going to be available for you to test? That re-vamped Interceptor looks absolutely stunning, inside and out and brings a motoring icon right up to date.

Great to see Jensen ( albeit V-Eight ) back, they were sorely missed. My only suggestion would be to put the Jaguar 5.0 V8 Supercharged engine under the bonnet, instead of a yank LUMP. The car IS British, after all. Or, maybe the Aston V12 engine?????

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