Currently reading: Jeep sells car moustaches for Movember
The moustaches fit onto the grilles of Jeep models, and proceeds go to the men's health charity the Movember Foundation

Jeep has launched an unusual option for its range of models: a moustache that attaches to the grille of a car.

The adornment costs $49.99 (around £40), and proceeds go to the Movember Foundation, a men's health charity. The moustache is only available from Jeep's American accessories site.

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Using rubber clips, the moustache can be attached to the front grille of Jeep models. Jeep claims that the moustaches are water resistant, and measure 34in across. It also states that they shouldn’t be fitted when vehicles are travelling at more than 40mph.

Jeep boss Mike Manley said: “Even if you just want to show your support to the foundation, you can get your own tailored moustache for your Jeep vehicle.”

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During November, the Movember foundation encourages men to grow their facial hair for sponsorship, with the proceeds donated to the foundation.

It’s not the first time facial hair adornments have been applied to cars; you can also buy eyelashes for your car's headlights. 


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pauld101 4 November 2016

Jeep should more than recoupe the investment on...

...the incremental revenue from sales of cylinder head gaskets. But I guess no one in the marketing department has done the calculation, yet, factoring in lost of customers.