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Alfa Romeo wants larger SUV for US buyers - and it could use a Jeep platform
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9 November 2010

Alfa Romeo is planning to use the four-wheel-drive underpinnings of the Jeep Grand Cherokee as the base for a second SUV in its line-up, ahead of its planned re-entry into the US market in 2013.

Already well advanced on a compact BMW X3 rival, based on a four-wheel-drive version of Fiat's C-segment platform, the Italian car maker is also preparing a larger and more upmarket SUV to go up against the BMW X5, according to its head of development, Harald Wester.

Wester outlined Alfa Romeo’s new model plans in a recent interview. "In 2012 we plan to launch a successor to the 159," he said. "At around the same time we'll introduce a compact SUV. A year later, in 2013, follows a new Spider. After that there will be an even larger SUV."

Nothing has been made official , but insiders say Alfa Romeo's future range-topping model will sit on the same GC-designated platform as the latest Jeep Grand Cherokee – a structure originally developed by DaimlerChrylser that shares elements with the structure used by the Mercedes-Benz M, R and GL-classes.

The big question is whether Wester will look to the Jeep Grand Cherokee plant in Detroit, Michigan to produce the large Alfa Romeo SUV or run it down production lines at Magna in Austria. With BMW and Mercedes-Benz already producing the X5 and M-class in North America, the first of those scenarios is not without precedent.

Wester says Alfa Romeo's long-term goal is global sales of 350,000 - up from just 120,000 in 2009. Alfa Romeos will be sold through Chrysler dealerships with their own separate showrooms in the US.



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9 November 2010

A prestige badge on a turd, nice one!

9 November 2010

[quote Autocar]Alfa Romeo is planning to use the four-wheel-drive underpinnings of the Jeep Grand Cherokee as the base for a second SUV in its line-up,[/quote]

So they're not going for a driver focused SUV then.

9 November 2010

The latest Jeep Grand Cherokee has had quite good reviews so it's a better starting point for an Alfa Romeo SUV than the end-of-the-line model we've got over here at the moment.

9 November 2010

I love it how the critical Twats who know absolutely nothing come in with their stupid comments! Its so predictable.....

The new Grand Cherokee is getting Rave reviews in N.America. Its new Platform, co-developed with Mercedes-Benz will underpin the Next generation ML. Its somthing like 150% stiffer than a BMW X5. So actually, this is probably one of, if not the most advanced SUV platform on the market at the moment.

Maybe you predictable bashers would at least wait until its availible and for you to at least have a chance to drive it before you start with your unfounded comments.

Marchionne is apparently so impressed with the platform that he is also possibly planning to use it for a Maserati SUV, rivalling the Cayenne. So get a clue....... The new Grand Cherokee is a super vehicle, Sales in the US have been so strong, they've had to add a new shift to cope with the demand and delay its introduction to Europe because of the strong demand. Which is Up nearly 300% on last year.

9 November 2010

[quote fhp11] Its somthing like 150% stiffer than a BMW X5.[/quote]

Rephrase - Its almost 150% stiffer and stiffer than an X5

10 November 2010

This is an important car for Alfa fans will a revamped Jeep be a proper Alfa or just a bastardized marketing exercise? at this point it is much too early to say for sure.

10 November 2010

I don't think any real Alfisti will welcome an SUV no matter what its basis. From an 'is it a real Alfa POV' it's going to be a resounding no, most still haven't got over the shock of FWD and diseasils!

But I think all Alfisti will recognise the need for such a vehicle if Alfa is to survive under Italian control. I don't think Marchionne understands or values the brand enough personally and still think it will be a matter of time before it falls into the clutches of VW.

We shall see.

10 November 2010

[quote fhp11]know absolutely nothing [/quote]

I resent that.

I've been doing a lot of research, visited showrooms and even been on a few test drives of 4x4s recently. I have put a Jeep on a shortlist of vehicles able to pull my partner's horsebox and two horses out of muddy fields and handle farm tracks, fields, and life in snowy rural Scotland during a hard winter. I have a lot respect for Jeep for continuing to produce good old school proper off-roaders that are up for the job. Having test-driven a few Jeeps I can also cast the informed opinion that a drivers' car they are not.

10 November 2010

Hey TBH. What did you end up buying in the end for your partner (or what did she buy herself)? Seem to remember you had tried a few out.

10 November 2010

[quote Evo_ermine]

Hey TBH. What did you end up buying in the end for your partner (or what did she buy herself)? Seem to remember you had tried a few out.


The Nissan Pathfinder, Disco and Grand Cherokee are ruled out for being too big. All three are a size bigger than her present Kia Sorento and a bit of a liability on narrow Scottish singletracks and about inner Glasgow. That leaves us with the Jeep Cherokee (a nice size and well up for the task) the Jeep Wrangler (I love it but she says it's a silly boys car) and the last of the old shape Kia Sorentos. The two minus points putting her off the Jeep are she didn't like the interior (everything inside, dash, seats, steering wheel carpets, roof was the same shade of a very light grey) and that it is Catigory M for road tax meaning it'll cost her £435 a year to put a ticket on it. She quite likes the Kia but doesn't want to spend money to end up back in the same car so God knows what she'll end up in. I think she'll size up and take the Nissan eventually in spite of what she's said about its size. Could see it in her face when she was driving it.


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