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New EV, already 2023 European Car of the Year, will be joined by three more electric cars in Europe by 2025

Jeep’s first foray into ​​the electric market, the Avenger, will launch in Europe this summer, priced from £36,500.

The baby electric Jeep, which despite not yet being released has already been crowned European Car of the Year 2023, will look to draw new customers to the US brand – now part of the giant Stellantis group – in Europe, with a particular focus on younger, female buyers.

A 54kWh battery, the same as is found in similarly sized Stellantis stablemates DS 3 E-Tense and Vauxhall Mokka Electric, will give a range of up to 248 miles, according to the WLTP cycle, but Jeep has previously claimed this can be as much as 342 miles depending on driving conditions. Power is sent to the front wheels via a single 154bhp, 192lb ft electric motor.

The Avenger, which is the smallest car the brand has ever produced, will be joined on the continent by three other Jeep electric cars on the continent by 2025.

These will be the range-topping Wagoneer S premium SUV and extreme, off-road-focused Recon (both electric, and will get US launches first), with a final, as yet unannounced electric model to come – which CEO Christian Meunier has described as a look into the future of the brand.

The Avenger itself has been built around the “right size” for Europe, head of Jeep’s European arm Antonella Bruno said.

“What makes it different is its capabilities,” said Bruno, confirming the car will be “equal or better than” the larger Jeep Renegade 4xe when used off road.

The Avenger, with orders now open, will use a new version of Stellantis’s ECMP platform – the current version of the architecture is used for EV and combustion versions of the similarly sized Stellantis models. This will give it “impressive” ground clearance, Jeep said, with segment-topping breakover and approach angles. A large boot and modern interior will also look to attract a new customer base, Bruno added.

Jeep avenger paris motor show 05 dashboard

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Its Stellantis-built battery will be able to be recharged from 20-80% in 24 minutes via a 100kW cable. 

The baby SUV will sit at the bottom of the range as part of a five-car line-up when it launches, with initial models to arrive as an exclusive a front-wheel-drive 154bhp First Edition. Higher-powered variants will be offered soon after, as well as two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive configurations. 

Inside it will be fitted with a 10.25” HD touchscreen Infotainment system, similar to other Stellantis models, voice recognition, and Apple Carplay/Android Auto. Three colours will be available from launch: Sun, Graphite and Volcano.

It will be built at the group’s advanced, high-efficiency plant in Tychy, Poland. The model will also be sold in Japan and South Korea, but it will not get a US release.

The Avenger will be joined by the Wagoneer S, which will top Jeep’s range and come with a raft of premium features, although none of these has yet been confirmed. It will pack 600bhp, have a 0-60mph time of 3.5sec and offer a range of 400 miles.

Jeep wagoneer front

The Recon will also be offered and positioned as a raw take on off-road Jeeps of old, with options including removable doors and an open-top design – like the Wrangler. It will get similar power and range to the Wagoneer S. Both will hit the UK in 2025 and be among the first to sit on Stellantis’s STLA Large platform.

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Jeep recon no doors

“The scale of Stellantis is absolutely fantastic and means we can really bring the best technology possible to a lot more people than we could before,” said head of design Ralph Giles.

Meunier added that the new line-up will reposition Jeep in the market as an electric brand, with a target of 100% of sales to be from EVs by 2030. Prices for all three new electric cars will be announced at the Paris motor show.

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bol 18 January 2023

£36k seemed a bit steep until I saw that it's the same as the Mokka. Both look a bit 2021 in price vs MG and Tesla. I imagine there will be some sturdy incentives 

ianp55 18 January 2023

I'm more than curious how the Jeep Avenger has been crowned Car Of The Year without being on sale anywhere in Europe and unlikely to go on sale for another six months. To me it seems the most undistiguished winner of the title since the Renault 9 forty years ago,is it likely to reverse Jeep's sales dive in the UK? not that likely I'd think

Boris9119 18 January 2023

By the same process that resulted in Qatar being miraculously chosen as the absolute best place in the World to hold the World Cup - by corruption!

catnip 18 January 2023

AE voted the Nissan Ariya their Car of The year last year, but hadn't even driven it on UK roads at the time. I don't know how these things work.

gavsmit 17 October 2022

No rear door handles are one of the worst design fads ever.

It still looks like a 5 door car rather than a 3 door but looks imbalanced, kids can't operate the handles and it robs the rear of visibility.

jason_recliner 17 October 2022

And what about the price! One for the footballers, by golly!

Andrew1 18 January 2023
Lol, a kid that cannot reach that door handle is not even supposed to handle it.
catnip 18 January 2023

Its telling how many manufacturers use this on a model, supposedly to make it look like a 3 door (which it clearly doesn't), and then drop it for the next generation of that model.