Meet the Mitsuoka Galue 204: mercifully, it's not coming to a road near you
6 February 2008

If MG Rover was still around and wanted to give the world a replacement for the 45 saloon, it would probably look... err, nothing like this: behold the Mitsuoka Galue 204, a new and extraordinary car from Japan's most inventive replica-maker.

Mitsuoka is a company that's long had a thing about the look of British cars of the '40s and '50s, which is why it's built a whole run of Alvis and Bentley wannabes over the past decade.

You may laugh, but Mitsuoka has found its niche in Japan and its most famous product, the Viewt (a hilarious downscaled Jaguar Mk II based on Nissan Micra mechanicals) is a huge cult hit here.

Feeling the need for a small, relatively affordable Focus-class model, it has now brought out the Galue 204. Underneath this is a new Japanese market Toyota Corolla Axio saloon, although you'd never guess.

On top there's the big MG-style chrome grille treatment, classic round lights, air vents and an 'olde-worlde' chrome bumper. Mitsuoka's also reworked the rear wings and boot in the same style. True to form, all the front and rear panels are Mitsuoka's own.

The car comes with a choice of two engines (1.5- or 1.8-litre) and prices span the equivalent of £10,866 to £14,952 in Tokyo.

Peter Nunn


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7 February 2008

Wolseley, are you sure? The front lights and small round grilles below them lean more heavily on Jaguar than Wolseley. I always thought that the Rover 600 could have been marketed as a Wolseley (4/44 retro) or an MG Magnette. Are there any archive pictures of their Alvis and Bentley wannabes around?


7 February 2008

That has to be one of THE most ugliest awful looking out of proportion things i have seen this year.......


7 February 2008

Well I sppose we should ban the Japs designing cars and while were at it maybe the chinese design thiefs and Korean car makers. At least they don't try to copy current cars and at least its distinctive!

7 February 2008

Way hey, the japs are getting in on the April fools thing. Can someone tell them it's not April yet.

Comedy is all timing about!!!!!

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