High-ranking variant builds on R-Sport with new 18in wheels and perforated leather seats

Jaguar has added a new Landmark Edition to its XE range that gains bespoke 18in wheels and several sporty additions.

Building on the already well equipped R-Sport model, the Landmark Edition, priced from £36,955, gets 10-spoke ‘Style 1049’ wheels that are unique to the variant, as well as sports bumpers and a rear spoiler.

A gloss black finish covers the door mirrors, front grille surround and side strakes, while the window surrounds are in this shade. The car comes with xenon headlights and rear parking sensors.

Inside, the car is equipped with perforated leather seats and gets Landmark Edition kick plates. Features shared with R-Sport include a 10.0in touchscreen with Jaguar’s Touch Pro infotainment system and sat-nav.

The Landmark Edition variant, which costs at least £2900 more than an R-Sport model, comes in a choice of three colours: Yulong White, Firenze Red and Santorini Black.

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Jaguar XE

Jaguar's first attempt at a compact exec saloon is good - very good. But can the XE hold off the BMW 3 Series and Alfa Romeo Guilia to retain its crown?

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It is available with all of the XE’s engines apart from the 2.0-litre Ingenium diesel in 161bhp form and the 296bhp version of the 2.0-litre petrol.

All XE petrol models get a new particulate filter that can capture ultra-fine particles and oxidise them into CO2.

The Landmark Edition is the second new XE variant to arrive in a week, following the launch of the 300 Sport, a range-topping 296bhp all-wheel-drive model. This means Jaguar’s rival to the BMW 3 Series is now available in six variants.

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23 April 2018
Great, but can I have it as a 4 wheel drive estate? No, I can't, which is a shame, a great car hamstrung by a limited model range.

23 April 2018

What landmark do these ugly wheels commemorate?

23 April 2018
scrap wrote:

What landmark do these ugly wheels commemorate?

Something ancient, judging by how old they make the car look: Stonehenge?

23 April 2018

It would appear that Brummie 'that'll do-ism' extends even to the marketing department. Pray tell to what 'landmark' does this car refer to ?  Selling 20% per annum of what BMW offloads in the shape of the 3-series in the UK alone ? They could at least use a name that has some kind of reference: XE ' Coventry' or XE 'Beige Cardigan'.   May JLR be eternally glad of the F-Pace because without it, they're gone.


23 April 2018

...commemorating the need for special editions early in its model life because it's not selling?


23 April 2018

The "Landmark" being commmemorated is clearly the death of the best engine available in the XE.

When will they learn that chasing volume over quality is what lead to the downfall of the American luxury brands? It takes a long time for people to unlearn a bad reputation.

23 April 2018

Sad to see a regurgitated press release on a special editional model for an under selling car. Its an irelevance. Come on Autocar, this is what gives rise to the fair comments that you are in JLR's back pocket. Not only that, its lazy journalism.


Lotus Evora 400

23 April 2018
Shouldn't a £37k compact exec come with LED headlights? It's like a spec sheet from 1996.

25 April 2018

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