Porsche finally lifts the veil on its first-ever four-door
24 November 2008

These are the first official pictures of the new Porsche Panamera, which will be going on sale next year. The car will make its official debut at the Geneva show next March, and although official prices have yet to be released, we believe that the range will start below £50,000 – stretching to nearly £100,000 for the fastest version.

Porsche says that the car has been designed to accommodate ‘four big people and their luggage’. The Panamera’s proportions will help to distinguish it from rival top-end saloons; it’s considerably lower and wider than rivals like the Mercedes CLS and Maserati Quattroporte, yet also lighter and shorter.

The top-spec 500bhp Panamera V8 Turbo 4x4 offers an ungoverned 200mph top speed, with acceleration in 911 territory. From launch, Porsche will also offer a petrol-electric hybrid with fuel economy and CO2 emissions not so different from a 2.0-litre Ford Mondeo’s.

Porsche plans to build 20,000 Panameras a year, delivered from a final-assembly plant in Leipzig.

Our Verdict

Porsche Panamera

Can the four-door Porsche Panamera still do what’s expected of a Porsche?

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24 November 2008

I have to say, it is kind of ugly. If I really needed - or had the money to buy - a 4 seat sports car like this, I'd probably go for the Maserati.

24 November 2008

Well, I'm still hoping it looks better in the flesh than it does in the pictures.

Interesting to note the very Vauxhall Insignia like side slash.



It's all about the twisties........

24 November 2008

Will it come as a diesel? :)

24 November 2008

[quote The Colonel]Will it come as a diesel? :)[/quote]

I suspect the 3.0TDi version is being developed as we speak.

Porsche may even go the whole hog and build a FWD bluemotion model. ;-)

Lets face it, no matter how bad it looks people are still going to fall over themselves to buy one. Or maybe not quite so many in the current ECOnomic climate...

24 November 2008

It is to 4 door saloons what the Cayenne is to 4x4's. Damn ugly, especially the weird rear end that looks like the Carrera convertibles in its lumpy bumpyness.

It will of course sell by the thousand in its first couple of years before the realisation sets in that it is ugly as sin. Fashion and the Porsche name means there is no other likely scenario.

I would prefer the CLS or the Maser. At the top end, the 4 door Lambo is far nicer...same with the future 4 door Aston.

24 November 2008

Anyone else think the front looks a bit corvette C6-ish? All it needs is a nice perspex window in the hood!

Are they taking styling cues from the 911 or the dying US car industry?

24 November 2008

I fully admit the Cayenne was pig ugly, but, after being given a go in a turbo, it made any other jeep seem pointless! The first time you put your foot down in a Cayenne Turbo makes you wonder why Range Rover and Range Rover Sport drivers look so smug. I've also tried a supercharged Rrange Rover Sport and there is no comparison! I still would never ever have bought either though!

The Panamera however, is in my opinion a great looking car! And for all the Quattroporte (although it is one of the best looking 4 doors ever) and CLS comparisons , you know this will be infinitely better to drive.

Also, what are these 911 lights everyone talks about on the Cayenne? Can someone please tell me when did a 911 ever have those lights?

24 November 2008

Dear God!! (And not in a good way).


24 November 2008

I don't think I need to reiterate how awful it is...

...but even worse than looking like a Corvette C6 from the front... is the fact that from the rear 3/4 view, it could well have been a clay model for the new Renault Megane that was dropped on the floor. A 100,000 pound super saloon (hunchback) that resembles a 20,000 pound family 5dr.

Even the day light openings and tail lights bear a resemblance.


24 November 2008

Porsche designers are the laziest. they have used the rear lights from the new Megane and the rear end from the Chrysler Crossfire. the new Lambo four-door looks so much better, nothing like anything else in the Lambo range.


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