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Infiniti boss admits interest in building an out-and-out sports car, previewed by the Essence

Infiniti boss Toru Saito has admitted that he’d like the Japanese brand to produce an out-and-out sports car.

Rumours are that the company is plotting a super-coupé in the mould of the Essence concept car. But insiders reckon that the company has bigger priorities at the current time.

The company unveiled the latest version of Infiniti’s new BMW 5-series-rivalling M saloon, the M35h hybrid, at the Paris motor show. It also confirmed it is planning a big European expansion with a rival to the Audi A3 and BMW 1-series, as well as luxury electric hatchback based on the Nissan Leaf.

Saito wouldn’t be drawn on exact details of the 1-series rival, but gave clues that such a car would be front-drive and could even use a Mercedes platform, following the recent strategic tie-up between Daimler and Nissan-Renault.

Saito told Autocar: “We are looking at the option of sharing and I can’t deny the possibility of front-drive.”

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kristen1 18 July 2013

This will gonna be the terrific car

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addam 9 July 2013

I never trusted the sports

I never trusted the sports cars, I always found them a bit unsafe and dangerous but I should realize that this is exactly what other people like about them. Until I'll ever be able to afford one I'll just enjoy bartletts on the road.

belingutam 13 June 2013

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