Currently reading: Infiniti plans luxury Nissan Leaf rival
Leaf-based Infiniti will showcase 'neater' induction-based charging technology

The launch of a luxury Infiniti electric car based on the Nissan Leaf hinges on a standard process of induction charging being introduced around the world.

The new Infiniti will have a completely different exterior and interior from the Nissan hatchback and it will be used to showcase induction technology, which does away with charging cables.

“The whole concept of not having to couple up cables to a plug socket, dragging them on the ground and on you as you go, is in keeping with luxury motoring,” said Infiniti boss Andy Palmer.

“It is this technology we want to shine a light on, so while there is no world standard on methods, the roll-out will be dependent on region.”

Infiniti is currently pushing for car makers to develop induction technology on an open source basis, rather than individually investing in their own systems.

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andrea411 26 June 2014

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beachdude24 17 March 2014

I still haven't caught one of

I still haven't caught one of these on the road but I'm waiting for it!
mormuno01 8 February 2014

This is brilliant

I can't believe they are finally bringing back the leaf!