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Next gen Subaru Impreza STi, due in 2012, will be offered with a diesel option

The Evo’s old rival, Subaru’s Impreza STi, is also set to offer a diesel model in its next generation — but it’s still likely to have a petrol-powered variant too.

Due in 2012, the next-gen STi will get an enhanced version of the 2.0-litre turbodiesel offered in the current Impreza. Its flat four layout should make it easier for Subaru to maintain the STi’s reputation for fine handling, while delivering better fuel economy.

Subaru isn’t about to drop turbocharged petrol engines just yet, though. Insiders say a downsized four-cylinder petrol unit, possibly based on the 1.5-litre flat four that powers base-model Imprezas, is under consideration.

Subaru is one step behind Mitsubishi on the hybrid front, though. Although the company has this technology planned for the hot Impreza, it’s unlikely to appear until at least halfway through the next-gen model’s lifecycle.

As with the Evo, the Impreza’s revisions will mean a shake-up of the car’s motorsport activities. Instead of rallying, the Impreza is likely to switch to circuit racing.

Peter Lyon

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Straight Six Man 12 June 2010

Re: Impreza STi to go diesel

Symanski wrote:
365kg can't be ignored! Can't be just the engine, can it????

No - quite a lot of it is down to extra kit they've loaded into the V12. Mere gadgetry. Though the Q7's engine is made of iron, whereas the Le Mans diesels it was based on were aluminium... they'd use aluminium for the R8 V12 TDi, which would shave quite a lot of weight off. However, I think I'd prefer an R8 V8 TDi with four turbos instead... lighter, more efficient, more compact, etc.

beachland2 12 June 2010

Re: Impreza STi to go diesel

diesel costs more per litre than petrol in the UK so it's not easily a cheaper alternative.

27Canuck 12 June 2010

Re: Impreza STi to go diesel

I actually like the idea of the diesel. I'm commuting 120 KMs a day, so with high octane at $1.15 / litre in Canada when it's cheap I would love to have something fast and cheaper to run. There is so much room to make it a four wheel drive torque monster.