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Hyundai's new concept Blue2 is a hydrogen-powered electric saloon, which features all-new tech

Hyundai has introduced a new hydrogen fuel-cell concept at the Seoul motor show, dubbed Blue2.

The concept is set to give the company a head-start in hydrogen-powered electric vehicle technology and is powered by a fuel-cell electric motor, which produces 121bhp and should be good for almost 100mpg, according to Hyundai.

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To aid in the car’s economy, low-resistance tyres are fitted onto aero-designed alloys to reduce drag.

Features of the Blue2 include ‘eco-friendly’ new materials, a welcome system which recognises the driver and automatic opening doors to ‘enhance the driver's convenience.’ Conventional side mirrors are also replaced by side cameras and a roof camera.

Inside, the dashboard has been designed asymmetrically and the seats are wider than would be found conventionally ‘to get in and out of the vehicle more comfortably.’

New technology in the Blue2 includes a transparent organic LED monitor on the centre console to provide a more vivid display and ‘motion sensor moustick’ that responds to the driver's touch and hand movements.

The Blue2 concept derives its name from Hyundai's sub eco-brand ‘Blue Drive' and the number `2' from H2, the symbol for hydrogen gas.

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