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Kamm Manufaktur reworks the often-maligned Porsche 912 into a 750kg road racer

Hungarian start-up Kamm Manufaktur has launched a restomod of the long-maligned four-pot Porsche 912 that tips the scales at just 750kg and has nearly double the original power.

Kamm said it has applied “sensitive” updates to achieve such a low mass for the 912c: the window glass has all been replaced with Lexan and sections of the steel body have been swapped for carbonfibre.

The 1.6-litre Type 616 engine has been overhauled by Swiss specialist JPS Aircooled, increasing its displacement to 2.0 litres, upping the compression ratio and adding a Weber carburetor. The tweaks amount to power jumping from 90bhp up to 168bhp in ‘fast road’ configuration.

That’s pushed to the rear wheel via a five-speed dogleg gearbox with a ZF limited-slip differential and a set of sticky Yokohoma AD08RS tyres.

Kamm has also reworked the suspension, providing its own custom coilover set-up with adjustable dampers and anti-roll bars at the front and rear.

Stopping power is provided by 964-generation Porsche 911 brakes up front and Brembo items at the rear, with ventilated discs all round.

A hydraulic handbrake is also provided, satisfying your inner hooligan.

Kamm porsche 912c restomod 2022 rear quarter burnout

Inside, the 912c has custom-made carbonfibre seats and interior trim pieces, plus lightweight carpets and a Tilton racing-spec pedal box. That isn’t to say you have to forego all the creature comforts, though, for the rear seats remain and electrical air conditioning has been added as standard. A sound system can also be added upon customer request.

Order books for the 912c are open now at €325,000 (£282,500), which includes the cost of the donor car. However, customers can also supply their own 912 for a discount.

Prices for a 1965-1969 example range from £10,000 for a rustbucket to north of £60,000 for a cherished or restored example.

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This makes the Kamm much more affordable than 911-based restomods of late: the 700bhp Gunter Werks Project Tornado is expected to cost north of £700,000, while Singer cars regularly exceed £1 million.

Kamm founder Miklós Kázmér said: “The Kamm 912c has been years in the making, and I'm proud to share my vision of the perfect 912 to the world.

“Budapest has a surprisingly well-developed car culture born out of a desire for individuality.”

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Peter Cavellini 8 September 2022

Practicing the old Porsche philosophy, less is (costs) more!, there are so many Porsche restomods and they all cost Supercar money, it looks good, well built, I guess it's a case of what you want from the Car.