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Infiniti has yet to decide the direction its BMW M-rivalling IPL models will take

The future direction of the Infiniti Performance Line (IPL), launched at the recent Paris motor show, is hanging in the balance.

The firm’s sporting line was launched with a more potent version of the G coupé, and Infiniti showed an IPL G cabrio concept at Paris.

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However, the company is said to be deciding how far to push the brand and is considering everything from styling and performance parts to full-blown models that are assembled on the production line alongside regular cars, just as BMW’s M division makes its vehicles.

The recently launched M saloon — the first incarnation of that car to take Europe into account — has the potential to become a full IPL model. It’s already sold in some markets with a 5.6-litre V8.

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theonlydt 22 November 2010

Re: Hot Infinitis' future undecided

Poor planning. If you're going to introduce your performance line to the world you need to know the scope and mandate and make that clear. If you have limited scope then you build in the possibility for expansion, if the initial cost of building in for expansion is low and the expected return is high enough. Scope creep can ruin a company - I'm shocked Infiniti are telling us that they don't know where they're going with this.