Currently reading: HiPhi A revealed as tri-motor electric hypercar with 1287bhp
Staggeringly powerful new four-door, four-seat hypercar from Chinese EV manufacturer will arrive in 2025

Chinese premium EV maker HiPhi has revealed a powerful four-door, four-seat hypercar that will arrive in 2025 with performance to challenge the likes of the Rimac Nevera.

Named the HiPhi A, it has a tri-motor powertrain that produces a staggering 1287bhp. With one motor mounted to the front axle and two to the rear axle, it can sprint from 0-62mph sprint in around 2.0sec and hit a top speed of 187mph. 

While HiPhi is yet to detail battery specifications, such as range or capacity, we're told it features an in-house-developed unit that's capable of discharging 1.5MW of power at its peak.

The A's motor technology, which HiPhi says is “lightweight, compact, ultra-quiet and upgradable”, comes from Wesail New Energy Automotive.

The A also features active rear-wheel steering, variable damping, a 50:50 front-to-rear weight distribution and torque-vectoring, which HiPhi said improves cornering by 15% and braking performance by 10%. 

Design elements are shared with the outlandishly styled HiPhi Z saloon and HiPhi X SUV, both of which were launched in Europe earlier this year.

The A also features carbonfibre elements throughout, plus matt paint, a large rear wing and wider tyres than the other HiPhi models.

Inside, it has a “driver-focused set up” and a suite of digital technology, plus room for two in the back. 

Chinese tech firm Human Horizons launched the HiPhi brand in 2017 and made the leap into Europe earlier this year.

Pricing for the A is a matter of speculation, but the Z and X are set to cost around £100,000 in the UK.

HiPhi said more information will be revealed in the coming months.

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Anton motorhead 16 November 2023
0-62 in 2 and 187mph - how useful.
Peter Cavellini 15 November 2023

 Even I'm wondering how the Chinese can do this?, turning out cars like this, please, no political jibes or human fights, how do they do things so quickly?