Chinese car maker signs deal with Subaru importer, the IM Group
21 December 2009

Chinese car maker Great Wall plans to sell its vehicles in the UK in 2011.

The cars will be imported by IM Group, the company that imports Subarus, Daihatsus and Isuzus into the UK.

IM plans to sell cars in the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 2010, before launching in the UK and Ireland in 2011.

An IM Group statement said: "The Great Wall Motor Company has designed and built all of the European-bound models specifically to meet EU whole-vehicle type approval standards.

"This will ensure that Great Wall models deliver high standards of crash-worthiness, equal to those of modern European and Japanese vehicles."

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21 December 2009

And then the US in 2012, yay!!!!!!!!! These will eat away at more Vauxhall Sales in Europe(GM might pull that plug too), and more Chevy Sales in America.

I think in the long term the Vauxhall name will be replaced with Chevrolet. Chevy=Economy Brand to compete against KIA. Opel Near Luxury Brand to Compete against Hyundai, VW. There are more Americans lobbying GM to Get rid of Buick in favor of replacing it with Opel As almost everything in Buicks Lineup is becoming an outsourced Opel anyway. Either That Or Buick will just be the Opel Nameplate for America, China, and the Middle East.

2 Economy brands from the same company in Europe doesnt make sense.

By the way I love China!!!

21 December 2009

"Opel Near Luxury Brand to Compete against Hyundai, VW."

Have you ever actually driven a Hyundai???????

They aren't bad, but that's about it really, they aren't bad and aren't particularly good. Good cheap, efficient transport. The likes of the old coupe (before they ruined it by making the SSII or whatever it's called) added a bit of style, but it was still just ok inside and just ok to drive (the V6 was actually particularly woeful, really lacking in power - something like 170bhp from a modern 2.7 v6 is poor, vw did that 9 years earlier with the corrado V6, and even that was 190bhp).

How much do Hyundai pay you? If you're not on their payroll then i think you need to go for a checkup....

21 December 2009

[quote HyundaiSmoke]Opel Near Luxury Brand to Compete against Hyundai, VW. [/quote]

You been at the Crack pipe again. Hyundai are near luxury? And I'm Santa Claus. You're a joker mate......go sit on the Motor Trend boards. Or check yourself in for urgent help.

21 December 2009

He's obviously Americen and therefore has no clue on what luxury or quality are!


21 December 2009

Engineered to European standards? No wonder if the Great Wall Peri is anything to go by as it was a blatant rip-off of the Fiat Panda. However they won't be importing those, as there is an injunction that means that they will incur a hefty fine for each one that gets imported.

21 December 2009

As an aside, I have fears for Daihatsu in the UK. "Who cares?" some will say but they were the first Japanese importer in the UK and are still MADE in Japan which counts for a hell of a lot.

Where has all Japanese design went to?

21 December 2009

Perhaps this will force the more lacklustre car makers to try a bit harder (I'm talking about you Peugeot and others). My iPhone was made in China so I can only assume that the Chinese are perfectly capable of making very high quality cars too. European manufacturers should be very scared.

21 December 2009

Well previous Chinese card that have tried to get through NCAP or Mira tests have failed miserably, whilst the clones, such as the Smart and Vauxhall Frontera copies, are what a lot of people think of when they look at Chinese cars. I don't see why Great Wall would be any more successful than Ssangyong in the UK.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

22 December 2009

Americans know quality. At least we have the decency to not set up regualtions and various other legislations making cars so expensive they have to be Audi-ish in material quality just to even justify the base price of any car, and any segment.

At Least aspring Marques like Hyundai are given a chance to prove themselves over time here.


22 December 2009

[quote HyundaiSmoke] I think in the long term the Vauxhall name will be replaced with Chevrolet. Chevy=Economy Brand to compete against KIA. Opel Near Luxury Brand to Compete against Hyundai, VW. [/quote]

Vauxhalls are predominantly rebadged opels anyway, so your point makes absolutely no sense. How can a vauxhall (rebadged opel) be an economy brand when opel is near luxury?

FYI, Opel has a worse reputation in continental europe than vauxhall has in the UK.

[quote HyundaiSmoke]There are more Americans lobbying GM to Get rid of Buick in favor of replacing it with Opel [/quote]

Proof? Or is this just made up, like most of your figures?

[quote HyundaiSmoke]By the way I love China!!![/quote]

I'd love to know what this is all about. You hate the japanese but love the chinese and koreans to the point of ignoring reality. Why?


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