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Chinese car maker signs deal with Subaru importer, the IM Group

Chinese car maker Great Wall plans to sell its vehicles in the UK in 2011.

The cars will be imported by IM Group, the company that imports Subarus, Daihatsus and Isuzus into the UK.

IM plans to sell cars in the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 2010, before launching in the UK and Ireland in 2011.

An IM Group statement said: "The Great Wall Motor Company has designed and built all of the European-bound models specifically to meet EU whole-vehicle type approval standards.

"This will ensure that Great Wall models deliver high standards of crash-worthiness, equal to those of modern European and Japanese vehicles."

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I.W. MacIntosh 29 July 2012

Chinese Quality Control

I would worry about buying one of these Chinese cars.  I have worked in China, and quality control there is pretty grim if the production facility is Chinese owned.  Better if Japanese / European owned.   Also, their motor cycles give us a vision of what we might expect, in lack of available spare parts.  Every motor cycle garage here in the UK has a "heartbreak corner" with a few Chinese motor bikes in it because they can't get the spares to repair them.  I have a personal friend who bought a Chinese motor bike and can't get it repaired ... and it's only four months old !   They'll have to buck the trend and build up a reputation for reliability and after sales service before I would consider it .... no matter how cheap the purchase price is !

Overdrive 19 January 2011

Re: Great Wall to import to UK in 2011

tannedbaldhead wrote:

Zeddy wrote:
As an aside, I have fears for Daihatsu in the UK.

Good call Zeddy. 13 months on an your fears have come true.

Good call indeed, but just as impressive is that you remembered Zeddy's comment 13 months on!

Also, a classic HyundaiSmoke thread. I wonder if he ended up marrying a nice shiny red Sonata and they lived together happily ever after. -:)

Zeddy 18 January 2011

Re: Great Wall to import to UK in 2011

Well if I do so, you should know in advance that I am your mother.