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Land Rover Freelanders will be assembled in India from next year, Autocar has learned

Land Rover Freelanders will be assembled in India from 2011, Autocar India has learned.

Autocar’s sister publication understands that the Freelander will be assembled as a Complete Knocked Down (CKD) model in Tata Motor’s Pune plant.

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The move has been promoted by increasing popularity for Jaguar Land Rover models and SUVs in India, plus local assembly should help bring the Freelander’s list price down by around a third, which is just as well as the SUV is seen as expensive in India.

In Mumbai, where it is sold at an even greater premium, the list price could fall by as much as 40 per cent.

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In its first year of sales in India last year, Land Rover sold 225 units; local assembly will allow Land Rover to be much more competitive in the booming SUV segment.

Audi’s SUV models in particular are gaining in popularity, and local assembly of the Audi Q5 recently started in India to cash in on its popularity.

JLR is also looking at locally assembling models in China for the Far East market.

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Los Angeles 12 August 2010

Re: Freelander set for India assembly

Globalisation for whom?

Remember, this was the company that asked for a very large handout from the British government in order to build cars in England, a car manufacturer it was very happy to buy in the first place. Here is its answer to the offer it got which had necessary conditions attached.

Try directing your complaint of shoddy build quality to Calcutta - by telephone.

nigzsingh 12 August 2010

Re: Freelander set for India assembly

As usual, people don't read the article. These are being assembled there as kits, like Ikea flatpack furniture. Production of it stays here, they will only be assembling what they sell for import duty reasons. Not that moving full production there isn't a possibility, but it hasn't happened yet. Even though they're just starting with the Freelander, I wouldn't be surprised to see the other cars in the range to follow suit, after all 30-40% reduction on price is nothing to be sneered at.

Cheltenhamshire 12 August 2010

Re: Freelander set for India assembly

Like China, India is very protectionist and has massive import tarriffs and local production gets round this, but only as part of a Joint Venture ... all very against the spirit of free trade, but hey it is working for them ... they export to us ... take all our money and then enslave us by lending it back, very clever. But back to the point, if JLR / Tata want to sell lots of Freelanders in India, they have to be made there. However no doubt the Indians will do a better job of making them than those guys in Solihull (is it any wonder there is barely any car making left in the Midlands when they STILL can't make cars properly) and all production will be moved to India. Land Rover and Range Rover products are still some of the most unreliable cars on the road depsite their massive price and this has to change. Perhaps the slighty odd reporting (ignoring the reason they actually have to make the cars in India to sell them at competitve prices due to the import tarriffs) is intentional from the JLR management to get their shoddy workers to buck their ideas up and finally learn how to glue the cars together properly without leaving old kit kats behind the dash and fixing wiring using chewing gum. Now they just need to work on the local suppliers providing shoddy plug in modules and the like. Strange how the guys who work for Jaguar just down the road can do it yet the Land Rover lot can't?