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Two-seat Mini will take on Audi TT and Peugeot RCZ
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15 September 2009

This is the Mini Coupé Concept, a car BMW is calling a “pocket Porsche”.

The coupé may be billed as a concept designed to celebrate 50 years of the Mini, but BMW is serious about building the car; it hopes to bring it to market in two to three years’ time as a rival for the Audi TT and forthcoming Peugeot RCZ.

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The concept is a Mini John Cooper Works under the skin, but the production version will be more focused than the standard Mini JCW.

The biggest change is the new top half of the car. The aluminium roof makes the coupé 136mm lower, reduces weight and significantly lowers the centre of gravity.

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The design of the roof was inspired by a baseball cap that Mini design director Gert Hildebrand’s teenage son was wearing backwards.

“We were never asked to do a coupe,” Hildebrand told Autocar. “But we follow internet blogs closely and thought people would like the idea of a car like this. It’s a pocket Porsche.”

The windscreen is raked 16 degrees further back than that of regular Minis, while the roof curves down to a large roof spoiler.

BMW says the angled back window and low rear end optimise airflow and reduce turbulence behind the car.

No decision has yet been made on production of the Mini Coupe, but it is a real possibility.

“Hopefully we can get the okay before the end of the year,” Hildebrand added. “Everything you see is do-able for production — not cheap, but do-able.”

There are no rear seats, which, together with the lighter roof, means the coupé is around 100kg lighter than the Mini hatch.

Boot capacity is 250 litres. The compartment features a lockable internal opening that allows the car’s occupants to access luggage from the cabin.

Two Chronoswiss clocks to the right and left of the rev counter are a nod to earlier concept cars from Mini. The left one is for lap times, the other tells the time.

The turbocharged 1.6-litre engine from the JCW produces 208bhp and 192lb ft of torque, but 206lb ft is available on overboost.

The coupé will be shown at the Frankfurt motor show, alongside a Mini Roadster.


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26 August 2009

This is great - let's get as many vehicles out of the Mini brand as we can! I'm so looking forward to the Mini Van, Dustbin Lorry, Ice Cream Van, Bus, Tricycle, Boat and Moon Landing Craft.

And is it me, or does it look like a Mark 1 Tigra's roof has landed on the top of a Mini Convertible here...? Hideous

26 August 2009

Nice idea in theory but, like the Peugeot, the styling is not very well resolved – even for a concept car. Seems to be a recurring problem with the mini brand these days and small coupes in general.

Starts off well but all goes wrong the further back it goes.

Kind of harks back to the VW Corrado when the stylists just got bored and cleaved off the entire rear end of the clay model in one fell swoop :-)

26 August 2009

Oh. My. God.


26 August 2009

Is it the 1st April today? What a joke - they are having a laugh aren't they? They must be running out of ideas. They certainly know how to scrape the barrel /rape a car brand. What will 'MINI' mean in a few years - f**K all cos there will be so many different ones it will dilute the brand. Mini Adventure no, more like a big disaster!

26 August 2009

Deam that looks G'd up!

26 August 2009

136 cm lower eh? Must get a great drag coefficient in that case...

26 August 2009

KERRCHING - The sound of a till opening!!


26 August 2009

At last BMW have come up with a car that makes the X6 look good!

Truly revolting!

26 August 2009

A Mini coupe is actually a really good idea, this is a concept at present and we all know that production versions always bear little resemblence to the concept.

So before all the tired anti - MINI sentiment pours out ......a lightweight hardcore coupe would be very attractive.

.And i don`t drive a MINI.

26 August 2009

Contrary to every one else's thoughts it would appear, but I don't think it's that bad, and miles better than the Clubman and various cross over concepts we've seen.

Let's face it, the Mini brand as it was is now gone, swallowed up in the BMW corperate machine. We should enjoy the old mini for what it was and just look at this as just another brand despite the Mini name.


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