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£1 million roadster leaks out ahead of Frankfurt launch
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10 September 2009

Pictures of the exclusive new Lamborghini Reventon roadster have leaked out ahead of the car’s unveiling at the Frankfurt motor show next week.

The reports accompanying the leaked pictures claim the styling is inspired by jet-engined aircraft and the body panels are made from carbonfibre. A hard-top version of the Reventon was seen as Frankfurt two years ago.

Inside, it is reported to get an Alcantara leather interior with lots of carbonfibre trim. It rides on 18-inch lightweight alloy wheels.

Power is likely to come from the 6.5-litre V12 engine it shares with the Murcielago. In the Reventon, it is expected to produce 641bhp and 487lb ft of torque. It should be mated to a six-speed ‘box and be equipped with all-wheel drive. It is expected to get from 0-62mph in 3.4secs and reach a top speed of 211mph.

Production is rumoured to be limited to just 20 units, with an expected price tag of more than £1 million.

Frankfurt motor show 2009: full preview


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10 September 2009

I love Lamborghini and always have since i had a poster of a countach on my wall as a kid but how do they justify the price tag?

I know it's limited etc but it seems like a lot of money for a LP640 with a bodykit.

I'd still love one but over a Veyron or a one-77? I don't think so.

10 September 2009

I don't like 2 seater cars but this car would be in my collection if I was mega rich :-)

10 September 2009


Yeah Yeah Yeah.

10 September 2009

In the cockpit, you must be like in an opera to listen the mythic V12!


10 September 2009

Now i only need the lottery to come up trumps.

11 September 2009

If this is a leak, could someone please plug it! These images could have been created by anyone proficient with a graphic software.

If this Reventon is for real, then Lamborghini is really tastelessly milking the Murcielago for all its worth. Would certainly take the SV, or even the standard model, over this if I had the means.

11 September 2009

Photos and a full report were published a few months ago, I think it may have been Top Gear Showing a state of the art Digital dashboard

11 September 2009

[quote Nikonguy]

Photos and a full report were published a few months ago, I think it may have been Top Gear Showing a state of the art Digital dashboard


That was probably the regular version.

11 September 2009

Awesome car, but they could have given it 700bhp+. I guess the Murcielago replacement will have in excess of 700bhp, should be awesome.

I'll have one, thanks. :-)

10 September 2009


I'd spend my jackpot money on one.


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