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Tuning company MTM has created a street-legal, rear-drive Audi R8
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9 April 2010

Tuning firm MTM has launched a street-legal version of the Audi R8 with rear-wheel drive.

MTM has removed the front part of the R8’s quattro system to create the MTM R8 GT3-2, a car it claims offers “a complete new driving experience behind the Audi steering wheel and pure driving pleasure, which comes up with a lot of technical details and finesse and creates a perfect and exceptional sports car”.

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Other modifications include the addition of a new supercharger to the car’s 4.2 FSI V8 engine; this boosts power to 552bhp and torque to 428lb ft. The GT3-2 can get from 0-62mph in 3.9sec and reach a top speed of 196mph.

MTM has added its own suspension and braking systems to the R8, as well as fitting lightweight 20-inch forged alloy wheels. Exterior changes include a carbonfibre front spoiler, side skirts and a new rear wing to improve airflow.

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ExcessPhase 9 April 2010

Why not a single-wheel-drive?

Irony on:

A one-wheel-drive would have so much more soul! And would make driving very challenging and very fullfilling. Everybody can drive quattro.

Irony off:

Right -- buy this car if you're more interested in drifting than in getting around turns fast.

JacobE 9 April 2010

Re: Firm creates RWD Audi R8

uk_supercar_fan wrote:
very nice. just one question - why?

Simple - MTM are a business and they figure there are people out there willing to pay for this. If the demand is there, someone will usually supply it.

I think it's great that someone has the initiative to provide alternatives like this and MTM have a long history of first-rate Audi tuning.

tbisset1 9 April 2010

Re: Firm creates RWD Audi R8

Uncle Mellow wrote:

Why not ? Looks quite clever to me. Sure to find some buyers.

Isn't there a 2WD version of the equivalent Lambo ?????

The Lambourghini Gallardo Balbino I think it is - sheer driving terror :P Probably couldn't trust myself in a gazillion bhp supercar with only 2WD. Thankfully someone has made a 2 wheel version of the R8 because testers and reviewers claimed it had no soul or character. Yes, it's engineering brilliance but you know, it ain't a ferrari or a porsche.

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