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Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo admits he misses working with F1 legend
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24 May 2010

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has admitted he misses working with Michael Schumacher.

The German won five world championships for Ferrari, and stayed with the team in a consultancy role after retiring from F1. He subsequently reversed that decision, signing to arce for Mercedes this year.

"We had beautiful years together and I gave him back his desire to race," said Ferrari president Montezemolo, referring to the offer last year to replace the injured Massa.

"At times I miss Schumacher, he gave so much to Ferrari, but he also received a lot."

Di Montezemolo also admitted that his relationship with Schumacher has changed since the German signed for Mercedes.

Talking about an upcoming charity football match that will include Ferrari drivers Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa and Giancarlo Fisichella in the line-up, he said: "A few days ago I was tempted to call him (Schumacher) to ask him to play for us. But as the team carries the Ferrari name, I avoided it."

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24 May 2010

[quote Autocar]Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has admitted he misses working with Michael Schumacher.[/quote]

Of course he does. Who wouldn't miss Schumacher? No doubt Luca feels it even more now, as, despite Alonso's excellent development skills, the new team leader isn't a wholly positive and unifying force.

Schumacher's recent swing of the lead at the last corner of the Monaco Grand Prix was glorious, and despite Damon Hill's mildly embarrassing participation in a terrible decision to drop the Great Man 20 seconds, it was still worth doing for the moment of joy it brought to all but the most jaded agnostic. Nobody, not even Hamilton, Alonso or Vettel, invigorates the sport like Schumacher and Senna have.

Even now, among the younger guns, there is an extra-special frisson with Schumacher's presence. In the post race interview he was sparklingly funny. On being reminded that Damon was the fourth steward overseeing the decision on his overtaking manoeuvre, Michael said, "Yeah, I heard that, so, [it will] be interesting," and we all roared with laughter. Well, all of us who aren't heathens.

24 May 2010

He was told by Ross Brawn to try to overtake Alonso .

Mercedes have dropped their appeal because because they have reread the rule book and know they can't win. Whether the 20 second penalty is correct is another matter, just reversing the result between the two would have been more correct.

[quote VirginPower]Even now, among the younger guns, there is an extra-special frisson with Schumacher's presence.[/quote] Rubbish, he's too far behind to bother them.

Its about time Schumacher fans wised up to the fact that he wasn't missed when he retired and he should not have come back, he hasn't invigorated the sport and you're kidding yourself to think he has.

D Montezemolo is just trying to gee Alonso and Massa up.

24 May 2010

The two things Schumi fans like to do is 1) kid themselves, 2) make excuses. Sad, really.

24 May 2010

I would imagine the feeling is mutual!

24 May 2010

[quote Autocar]signing to arce for Mercedes this year[/quote]

At least Schuey is a fair chap, he spent plenty of time arceing about for Ferrari and now Mercedes can experience him being an arce too...

24 May 2010

[quote andrepaul999]I would imagine the feeling is mutual![/quote]

Ah. I found this after sifting through two unswervingly imbecilic and delusional rants on the huge, HUGE issue of Schumacher and his super, super efforts - nothing personal.

Mr 999, you're right, old bean. I imagine that the Mercedes set-up does feel a smidgeon sterile by comparison, and without Ross Brawn, Schumacher wouldn't be enjoying this half as much as he is. Having said that, there's a genuine sense that Schumacher is perhaps having the time of his life, and let it be said, what a life it is that he's had for it to be the time of whom - if my grammar serves.

Let that be said, as only an Alan Henry or one of the attendant and obedient Doubting Henries, could possibly fail to cry "Amen!"

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