Currently reading: Ferrari SP38 revealed as latest 488 GTB-based one-off
488 GTB lends underpinnings to Ferrari’s latest unique project, commissioned by one of the brand's most loyal customers
Jimi Beckwith
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23 May 2018

The Ferrari SP38 has been revealed by Maranello as its most recent custom creation, with the road-legal one-off model being based on the 488 GTB

The dramatically styled car nods to the F40 in its rear wing and 308 GTB in its front-end design, said Ferrari, and it has been drastically altered at the front and rear. The changes run only to parts that do not need to be re-homologated, for time and cost reasons. 

The customer worked with Ferrari on the car from the outset, collaborating on its design and their individual needs. Each custom car takes around 18 months on average, although this can vary widely depending on the project. 

It’s part of a growing trend among high-end car makers, as the industry segment turns increasingly to bespoke operations to tailor-make products for ever more demanding customers. Rolls-Royce, for example, claims that every single one of its cars comes out of the factory featuring some bespoke element. A Ferrari spokesman could not confirm an equivalent figure for the brand, but said these projects are “extremely important” for Ferrari.

New headlights have been fitted and are as slim as possible for a more aggressive look, while the daytime running lights have been moved to the bumper lip. 

At the side, the 488 GTB’s air intake is replaced by bodywork at the SP38’s shoulder, which has moved next to the rear side window. Grey lower bodywork separates the aerodynamic additions closer to the ground from the red custom bodywork above it. 

The rear is all but unrecognisable from the 488 GTB; a small fixed wing extends out from the rear flanks, while louvred bodywork covers what would usually be the car’s rear glass. New lights, air outlets and higher-set, larger exhausts dominate the rear fascia. 

Under the skin, the mechanics are the same as the 488 GTB, with the same twin-turbo 3.9-litre V8 likely providing 661bhp and 561lb ft. Performance figures haven’t been revealed, but the 488 GTB’s 205mph top speed and 3.0sec 0-62mph time are likely closely matched. 

It’s the latest in a line of customer-commissioned one-off Ferraris, the number of which is uncertain because many customers prefer not to have their cars publicised. 

The 458 MM Speciale — another one-off, based on the 488’s 458 predecessor — was both revealed by Ferrari and showcased at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2016, although the owner’s identity was not disclosed.

The owner of the SP38 wished to remain anonymous and Ferrari would not disclose whether the car was that customer's first one-off. They chose the images and information released by Ferrari. 

The first public outing of the SP38 will be at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este this week. It’s not known if the owner will showcase the car beyond this. 

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23 May 2018

It looks absolutely terrible. What a waste of money.

23 May 2018
max1e6 wrote:

It looks absolutely terrible. What a waste of money.

Don't be ridiculous, it looks great

i can sense the jealousy in this comment

23 May 2018

Being jealous won't get you anywhere. Work hard and make your own money, like some of us have!

24 May 2018
Carz99 wrote:

Being jealous won't get you anywhere. Work hard and make your own money, like some of us have!

What evidence do you have that it was jealousy that motivated the original comment? 

There is a difference between commenting on someone's comment and dreaming up in your own mind a motivation imputed to someone. This is the worst kind of personal attack.

24 May 2018

Becuase straight away in the title he refers to a 'fool and his money' and then moans that it is a 'waste of money'. So clearly jealosuy.

Seems that you have the same feelings?

24 May 2018
abkq wrote:

This is the worst kind of personal attack.

abkq please tell me that you haven't just personally attacked Carz99 because he personally attacked someone 

i dont know whether to laugh or cry

sounds like you may also be a jealous little boy who cant afford that sort of thing 

23 May 2018
max1e6 wrote:

It looks absolutely terrible. What a waste of money.

You have no money.

23 May 2018

The Lamborghini headlights, it looks quite good to me, I don't personally see an F40 styling cues on the car as the article says (or the 308GTB for that matter).

23 May 2018

Not a little bit of Ford GT influence in there.


Still, looks good.


23 May 2018

  I guess it’s the old phrase.....your money your choice, if that’s what the customer wants and doesn’t Blanche at the cost, then let them have it, money is money, personally, I’m with the others it was a good looking Car anyway.


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