Currently reading: Ferrari plans turbocharging
Ferrari ready for turbocharging when technology improved

Ferrari is considering using turbocharging in future engines, but it needs to improve the forced induction technology before it will make its cars available with the set-up.

Ferrari engine developer Jean-Jacques His said the biggest problem the firm faced was lag.

“Turbocharging will come eventually, but we need to solve the issue of turbo lag,” he told Autocar.

He went on to explain that a delay of any sort before the power arrived was unacceptable for a Ferrari engine.

It’s unlikely that Ferrari will be using Multiair, the Fiat Group’s variable valve technology, any time soon, though.

His said Ferrari had tried applying the system to an F430’s V8 but couldn’t get it to work at the power outputs required.

“The main benefit from Multiair comes in torque,” he said, “and it is difficult to get it to work at high revs.”

His also said Ferrari’s dual-clutch transmission, currently only available in V8-engined Ferraris, was suitable for V12 cars and would work up to 10,000rpm.

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Old Toad 11 November 2009

Re: Ferrari plans turbocharging

I think the actual turbine in a turbo is either an exotic ceramic or titanium alloy and the body is some form of aluminium alloy. What I definitely know is that when one goes belly up it is bloody expensive to replace or repair.

I'm too thick to know how to solve turbo lag but Ferrari will be killed by emissions laws if it does not go the turbo route. Sad but true.

38carssofar 11 November 2009

Re: Ferrari plans turbocharging

Someone at Ferrari should drive a current Nissan GT-R ... no turbo lag, superb throttle response and exciting to drive.
yayaket 11 November 2009

Re: Ferrari plans turbocharging

Robbijay wrote:

Wouldn't they be better off twin charging, with a little super charger at low revs and mahoosive turbo taking over that was big enough to cope with high revs?

this seems like a good idea, but having both would add alot of weight to the car and ferrari is focusing on cutting weight!!! stupid question but are turbo and superchargers made from steel or alluminium, magnesuim? etc