Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo has called for sweeping changes to Formula One
11 June 2010

Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo has called for sweeping changes to Formula One and branded the new uncompetitive teams as ‘a joke’.

Speaking to Autocar at a private dinner in London di Montezemolo launched a thinly veiled attack at the new entrants to the sport.

"There is a need to have competitive teams," he said. "F1 is like soccer. It needs heroes and it needs big teams. You cannot equalise everything. We need to avoid having too many small teams because it means too many compromises."

Di Montezemolo revealed that he favoured running a third car, or giving an identical Ferrari to another team to run.

"Giving this car to a good young driver or Valentino Rossi would be better than a team being four seconds behind," he said.

Ferrari’s boss also proposed revisions to spice up the sport.

"Do we need to race at two in the afternoon when everyone is at the sea?" he said. "Could we have two races per meeting? Do races need to last so long? F1 is not an endurance race. We need races to be short and tough."

He also called for a return to testing during the season: "F1 is the only sport in the world where there is no training."

However di Montezemolo also admitted that Ferrari has considered re-entering endurance sports car racing. "I’m very impressed with Le Mans but we can’t do both [F1] because of money and know-how and it’s only one race," he said.

"Instead if we can put together an endurance series, either 12 or 24 hours, with other car makers and race around the world, that would be good," he said.

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9 June 2010

[quote Autocar]Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo has called for sweeping changes to Formula One and branded the new uncompetitive teams as ‘a joke’.[/quote]

These new teams didn't exist last year, they've had no chance to build a competitive team. Given that Lotus were only 2 seconds behind such a team as Ferrari it's really quite impressive how well they've done.

Off course, it's quite shocking how bad Ferrari have done so far this year. Consider that Alonso brought 0.8s to McLaren when he joined them, just think how bad Ferrari would have been without him! ;-)

I do wonder if Ferrari regret signing Alonso rather than Vettel.

9 June 2010

Back in the days of Juan Manuel Fangio, Stirling Moss, Graham Hill etc drivers would often race for around 3 hours in conditions where mistakes were serious and meant significant injury or death; so I don't understand the point of races needing to be short and tough - they should be longer than the pre-requisite 2 hour maximum top really tax the driver and the team.

If people have gone to the beach in the afternoon rather than watching Formula 1 then that should indicate to Montezemolo that people have just generally lost interest and who can blame them; if you want to attend an F1 event these days it costs a small fortune which is money people don't have at the moment.

I can't speak for anyone else these days but F1 seems to be so much about corporate marketing, politics, rules, regulations and with drivers who are told what they can't and can't say and also who seem to have much less respect for one another than used to be the norm.

It doesn't seem to be about racing and taking on the might of taking on the worlds best and most challenging circuits - which seem to be diminishing and being replaced with purpose designed venues that lack the flare of the classic circuits.

I'd rather go and watch Touring cars and be entertained by down to earth drivers and teams than hand over money for a mediocre stage show while Bernie and co. bolster their bank balances.

9 June 2010

F1 the best way to free your mind and relax. Virtually guaranteed that within 30mins of me watching F1 I'm asleep on the sofa. It's better than watching paint dry.

9 June 2010

Sounds like an aggressive swerve by old Luca as his team is badly underperforming and he needed to distract the press from that conversation.

My prediction is Lotus beating Ferrari within 2 years. Lets face it, half of their former top staff now work at the Lotus road car plant so its only a matter of time before the allure of the prancing horse wears thin and they all jump ship.

9 June 2010


Eh, what?

Formula 1?


9 June 2010

Strange, I've read the article a few times and I fail to see where Luca di Montezemolo is directly quoted as having "branded" the new teams "a joke". You'd have thought, given the number of actual quotes in the text, he was speaking quite freely at this private dinner, and the writer would have caught the actual words.


9 June 2010

[quote The Colonel]Strange, I've read the article a few times and I fail to see where Luca di Montezemolo is directly quoted as having "branded" the new teams "a joke".[/quote]

I was thinking the exact same thing...

9 June 2010

The slower teams almost have their own battle lower down the field and anyway, they haven't had a chance to become leaders yet.

9 June 2010

Sounds a bit like having your cake and eat it, doesn't it?,maybe Ferrari is finding it tough because the new rules don't suit them?, doesn't seem to have affected Mclaren or Red Bull just to name two, motor racing, infact any sport is supposed to be about fairness, a level playing field, we don't want to go back too one sided,money oriented F1, yes i agree new teams aren't helping the sport, but two races a weekend?, and as far as a third car idea goes, put Rossi in as number two driver if you think he's good enough instead of "if he's Sh--e it won't sully the Ferrari heritage, like i've said,Ferrari want to race,but on their terms.

9 June 2010

I don't seem to remembering him saying Ferrari were a joke last year when they had their test driver in after Massa'a accident and he was last on the grid in pretty much every race he took part in and a danger on the track as he was so slow, or when they replaced him with another driver who was equally slow. The man is a joke!


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