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...but only 10 per cent of California buyers are expected to take up the option

Ferrari will launch a manual version of the California this summer.

Ferrari first confirmed that the California would be available with a manual gearbox at the folding hard-top’s launch in 2008. Reports claim the firm is only expecting a 10 per cent take up of this option compared with its F1-style DCT transmission.

Autocar's Ferrari California road test

Official performance and economy figures haven’t been confirmed, but a leaked document claims the manual California can do a 0-62mph in 4.2sec – 0.3secs slower than the DCT. Like the DCT-equipped California, the manual version is capable of a top speed of 193mph.

Fuel consumption also takes a hit with the manual; the DCT’s fuel consumption figure of 21.6mpg is 11 per cent better than the manual’s.

The forthcoming 458 Italia will be the first Ferrari in regular series production not to come with a manual option at all; it will be available with a DCT gearbox only.

The manual Ferrari California will soon be available to order in mainland Europe; UK sales will begin shortly after.

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Challenger440 25 March 2010

Re: Ferrari confirms manual California

Well done Ferrari - the world hasn't gone completey mad just yet it appears.

eseaton 25 March 2010

Re: Ferrari confirms manual California

It is clear to see that there are two schools of thought on the forum, and I would certainly not suggest denying flappers the pleasure of using their flaps (whatever that may be).

I am not some manual weirdo - I actually usually drive autos. When they are good I love them. I have had DSG, which was sort of impressive, but really annoying as well. My F1 experience about 3 years ago was just terrible.

I certainly agree that there have been many poor gearboxes (of all types) built, but I still can't see how it is ever going to be possible to derive any pleasure or sense of achievement from using a flap.

The people who make them have only a twofold quest - to make the change instant and seemless, and the make the outside world thing that there is a master at the wheel.

As I see it, as long as both remain available, everyone can be happy.

Bogwoppit 25 March 2010

Re: Ferrari confirms manual California

Now on my 3rd car with a flappy paddle gearchange. Out of 38 cars so far only two - a 1750 Spider and a Civic Type R have given genuine pleasure in changing gear the rest have been no different than flicking a paddle. That might say a lot about the rest but they do include a high proportion of Autocar's favourite drivers cars.

I tend to find those who howl loudest about flappy paddles are those who believe everything they read and have never tried DSG/DDCT/F1/Cambiocorsa/Selespeed etc.

Just an observation you understand.